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Q: What is the value of a glove autographed by Tory Hunter?
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Is Tory from the Irish word TΓ³raΓ­ meaning bandit or outlaw?

It translates as 'pursuer; seeker; hunter'. Historically it means 'bandit; robber; outlaw' and is the origin of the name 'Tory'.

What is the value of a first edition Field Guide to Birds by Roger Tory Peterson in Fai Condition?

There are good articles about the first edition and the values of those books available at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute website. More information is needed about your book prior to assigning a value. At their homepage, click on "World of Roger Tory Peterson."

What is the Gaelic meaning for tory?

The Irish word tóraí means 'pursuer; seeker; hunter. Historically it came to mean a 'bandit; outlaw; robber'.

How do you say hunter in Irish Gaelic?

sealgaire (hunter, huntsman) 'shall-geri'tóraí (pursuer; seeker, hunter) 'tory'As a surname: Mac an t-Sealgair (Scottish Gaelic)

What nicknames does Tory Belleci go by?

Tory Belleci goes by Tory.

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Tory James's birth name is Tory Steven James.

What is the birth name of Tory Green?

Tory Green's birth name is Tory Lynne Green.

What is the birth name of Tory Mell?

Tory Mell's birth name is Tory Ireland Mell.

Is there a Saint Tory?

There is no saint named Tory.

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Tory Freeth is 5'.

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No, Tory Burch does not sell mascara, Tory Burch does not carry any line of cosmetics. Tory Burch is a footwear line for women which specializes in sandals and summer time wear.

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