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The value may depend on which two players signed it.

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Q: What is the value of a football that is signed by two Minnesota Vikings players?
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What team has Brent Farve just signed with?

minnesota vikings

When did Randy Moss first get signed to the NFL?

In 1998 by the Minnesota Vikings.

How muh do Brett Favre make for the vikings?

He was signed to a two-year, $25 million deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

What is the value of a 1967 Rams football hand signed by all players?

1967 rams football whats it worth signed by all players

How many left handed quarterbacks have the Minnesota Vikings signed including backups?


What team did Greg Jennings go to in 2013?

Greg Jennings signed a 5-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings

What is the value of a football signed by the 2003 Oklahoma Sooners football players that includes all of that year's award winners?


Where did Koy Detmer play in his NFL career?

He played with the Philadelphia Eagles from 1997 to 2006. He was signed in 2007 by the Minnesota Vikings for a couple of days.

Joe Kapp QB 1969 Minnesota V ikings?

Joe Kapp was the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in 1969 when he guided the Vikings to their only NFL championship and to their 1st super bowl (Super Bowl IV) appearence. Joe Kapp signed with the Boston Patriots in 1970. The 1969-70 season was the last time there was two football leagues, the National Football League and the American Football League. The AFL merged with the NFL and formed two conferences, the NFC and the AFC starting in the fall of 1970.

How much is a 1966 England football shirt framed and signed by 9 players worth?

£ 100

What is the value of a football autographed by four Philadelphia Eagles players?

It would depend on the players who signed the football. Check eBay for similar products to get a good estimate of what someone would pay for it.

What is the value of a signed tottenahm football worth?

My football costs 180.00 pounds and its recently signed by all the tottenham hotspur players in 2008. complete nothin..., haha 3 point lane!

How many Oklahoma state football players are active in the NFL?

24 This includes players signed at this moment, who have not yet had a chance to be cut for this coming season.

What is the value of a Bristol City football club one hundred years centenary football signed by the players in 1996?

1,ooo,ooo pounds

A football team had 50 players at the start of the season but then some players left the team After that the team had 42 players?

The team signed eight other players to replace the ones who left.

Who was the first African American football player at the University of Florida?

1969: Leonard George and Willie B. Jackson became the first black football players signed.

What is the value of a football signed by 30 1980 Philadelphia Eagles players?

The football is worth a price close to $200 each. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the ball.

What is the value of a Jared Allen autographed football?

I am a die hard Vikings fan and I have almost every player on the Vikings autograph on mini helmets, authentic footballs and the lesser players on a team ball... Is the football an authentic nfl football?? If so the ball alone is $100 so I would price one signed by Jared Allen at around $200-$250. A non authentic football around $100. Btw having a certificate of authenticity will be the only way someone forks out that kind of money on sports memorabilia so have it appraised by a top sports memorabilia company.

How many players has arsene wenger signed at arsenal?

How many players has arsene wenger signed at arsenal

How do you authenticate a signed football?

There are many ways to authenticate a signed football, but many people take photo copies of the signature and then somehow market them back on the signed football.

Who are some Indian pro football players?

Drafted in 2007, I believe that Brandon Chilliar may be the only acitve Indian American football player. Signed with the Rams for 200,000 dollars

How much does Bret favre make?

Favre signed a two year contract with the Minnesota Vikings for the 2009 and 2010 seasons for a reported $25 million. His base salary in 2009 is $12 million.

What to buy your boyfriend for Christmas?

it depends on what he likes. if he likes music or a certain band, get him a CD from them. if he likes football, try to get his favorite players jersey or get him a signed football from his fave player. i hope i was a help!!

What is the Value of a 1976 Autographed by the team Cleveland Brown's Football?

What is the Value of a 1976 Cleveland Brown Team Football and signed by all the players and coach? and where could I Market or sell the ball? Thanks.

Was delrio cut from cowboys?

If you mean current Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, no. He played with the Cowboys from 1989-1991 and then signed with the Minnesota Vikings as a free agent prior to the 1992 season.