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Q: What is the value of a box of 1995 upper deck?
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What is the value of mickey mantle box set metallic impressions by upper deck?

What is the value of mickey mantle box set metallic impressions by upper deck?Read more: What_is_the_value_of_mickey_mantle_box_set_metallic_impressions_by_upper_deck

What is the value of a 2000 Upper Deck Brooklyn Dodger Master collection complete numbered with box?

I have an original master collection of the 2000 Upper Deck Dodgers Collection. What is it worth

What is the upper extreme to a box- and- whisker plot?

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How much is an 1993 Upper Deck factory box set worth?

1993 Upper Deck baseball card Factory setThe 1993 Upper Deck baseball card set was consists of 840 standard size cards. A complete set has a book value of about $25.00 in Near Mint - Mint condition. A sealed Factory Set has a book value of about $30.00 Key cards in the set include: card number 2 - Mike Piazza, and card number 449 - Derek Jeter RC. Noted rookies include: Derek Jeter. See Related Links below for a complete 1993 Upper Deck baseball card checklist.

What is the Value of grant hill sky box basketball card rookie?

Depends on the maker of course. Topps goes for around $5.50 Fleer goes for around $7.00-$9.00 Upper Deck can go for upwards of $25 Depending on condition.

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How do you get a lugia ex in a pack or a deck box?

get it on

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