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Q: What is the value of a Mickey Mantle 500th Home Run Motion Card from Kodak with Certificate of Authenticity?
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Which of the following is true about convection in Earth's mantle and tectonic plate motion?

Evidence suggests that plate motion and mantle convection are related processes.

What makes the crust move?

Motion in the mantle.

What is the motion of earth's crust on the mantle?


Why is the mantle is constant motion?

Its floating on a liquid.

How do mantle convection cause plate motion?


Which theory describes the motion of the earths crust on its mantle?

plate tectonics

What causes mantle dynamics?

The mantle is the Earth's crust. Mantle dynamics are caused by the heating and cooling of this layer of crust. This heating and cooling causes a slow creeping motion in the Earth's rocky mantle.

What is slab resistance?

as the subducting plate skins into the mantle, friction between the mantle and lithosphere will oppose plate motion.

What drives the motion of the continental plates on Earth?

convection cells in the mantle

What theory describes the motion of the earths crust on its mantle?

Plate tectonics

Another major factor that drives plate motion is?

mantle convection

What is a process occurring in the plastic mantle that is inferred to cause tectonic plate motion?


What is plate motion cause by?

Tectonic plates are moved by underlying movements of the Earth's mantle. The plates ride on the surface and move along with the mantle.

What role does mantle convection play in plate motion?

Convection in the mantle causes sea-floor spreading and subduction zones, which drives plate movement .

What motion in the earth's mantle causes the earth's plates to move?

convection currents

Which theory describes the motion of the earth's crust on its mantle?

plate tectonics=D

Which theory describes the motion of earth's crust on its mantle?

plate tectonics=D

Is your planet fixed and rigid or is it in constant motion?

Our planet is in constant motion because in the earth's mantle the hot magma is heating and rising and cooling and sinking which is causing the density and temperature to increase. Since it is increasing, the mantle cracks and creates volcanoes and earthquakes.

How was Mickey Mouse made?

Hand drawn animation cels for stop motion animation.

The motion of tectonic plates is part of a larger system that includes?

Convection currents in the mantle

What does convection in the mantle cause?

Mantle convection is the slow motion of the Earth's silicate mantle, caused by convection currents that carry heat from the interior to the surface of the Earth. Mantle convection causes the tectonic plates to move around the Earth's surface, causing earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity.

What does certificate of service mean in relation to motion for continuance?

A certificate is a document attached to a pleading certifying that the attorney properly served the pleading on the opposing party.

Earths lithosphere is broken into huge moving slabs of rock driven by motions in the mantle?

The motion in the mantle is known as convection currents which helps move earth's slabs, known as plates. Convection occurs in the upper mantle known as the asthenosphere.

Which layer of earth are the convection currents that directly result in tectonic plate motion found?


The theory that pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in constant motion driven by convection currents in the mantle?

alfred wegner theory