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Around $40-$75 depending on condition.

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Q: What is the value of a Maple Leaf Gardens Official Program from January 4 1945?
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When was Maple Leaf Gardens created?

Maple Leaf Gardens was created in 1931.

What is the value of a maple leafs garden official boxing event program from 1939?


Where did the Toronto Maple Leafs play before the Air Canada Centre?

Maple Leaf Gardens.

What year did Maple Leaf Gardens open?


What year was Maple Leaf Gardens opened?


Who played the final game at maple leaf gardens?

The Maple Leafs lost 6-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks on February 13, 1999. Bob Probert scored the final goal in Maple Leaf Gardens history.

Who was the first Maple Leaf player to score at Maple Leaf Gardens?

What is the top score hockey player on Toronto maple leafs

Will the WWE return to maple leaf gardens in Toronto?

Definitely not

Who was the last Maple Leafs player to score a goal at Maple Leaf Gardens?

According to this site ( it was Todd Warriner.

What is the only team undefeated in maple leaf gardens?

The only NHL Team to be undefeated at Maple Leaf Gardens is the Nashville Predators. However, they only played one game in the building as their first season was also the Maple Leafs' last season at that arena. Their only game at Maple Leaf Gardens ended in a tie. (Oct 19, 1998... 2-2 tie in OT)

What were Other uses for maple leaf gardens?

Wrestling and Icecapades and concerts.

Who scored the last goal at Maple leaf gardens?

Bob probert

What is the official symbol of Canada?

The official symbol of Canada is the maple leaf.

What way did the ice surface run in maple leaf gardens?

north south

Who were the first 2 teams to play in the maple leaf gardens?

Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago won 2-1.

Where can one find images of maple leaf gardens?

A person can find images of Maple Leaf Gardens in Canada in several different places. Some of these places include Trip Advisor, Yelp, Toronto Life, and National Post.

What year did the maple leafs garden change there name to the air Canada center?

That has never happened. The Maple Leafs played at Maple Leaf Gardens from 1931 to 1999. A new building, several blocks away from the Gardens, was built and opened in 1999. The new building is called the Air Canada Centre.

Who fought the last fight at Maple Leaf Gardens against Domi?

denny Lambert of the Ottawa senators

What was the first nhl arena to replace the wire fencing with unbreakable glass?

Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto

What is the official name of the Norway maple helicopter leaf?


What is the official state flower for Canada?

Canada does not have an official flower. However the maple leaf is a symbol of Canada.

What is the national flower of Canada?

Canada does not have a national flower. However, the Maple leaf is the official wood

What month is maple syrup made in?

It is generally made in the fall season, and is most commonly made in Vermont. maple syrup is made in January march and April. in January they tap the trees and in march and April they make the sap maple syrup

What are the symbols of Canada?

The symbols for Canada is mostly the Maple Leaf on it's country's flag.Canada has official symbols that include the Coat of Arms, motto, tartan, and tree. Official symbols include the maple tree, the red and white flag with the maple leaf, and the beaver.

When was the last game at Maple Leaf Gardens?

The last hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens was played on February 13, 1999 between the Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks won 6-2. The final goal scored in MLG history was by Blackhawks tough guy Bob Probert.