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Mickey Mantle H&B 250 BatA Mickey Mantle H&B 250 Baseball bat is worth about $50. to $100. in Excellent - Near Mint condition. If the bat show use it could sell for under $50.

The 250 designation was applied to the model of bats offered by Louisville Slugger that for a time, was the highest price bat in their lineup selling for more money then their pro model 125 signature series.

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Q: What is the value of a Hillerich and Bradsby official Mickey Mantle 250 baseball bat?
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What was the make and model of Mickey Mantle's bat?

Some of the baseball bats Mickey Mantle used included Louisville Slugger Models M110, K55, and P72. Hillerich & Bradsby began making K55 bats in the 1950's.The earlier H&B professional K55 Bats had K55 written on the knob. Louisville Slugger started putting model numbers on the end of the knob in 1943. If you have a Mickey Mantle Bat with K55 on the barrel you have a store model bat.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle Ted Williams and Joe Dimaggio signed Hillerich and Bradsby co bat?

Mickey Mantle Ted Williams Joe DiMaggio signed Baseball BatA Mickey Mantle Ted Williams Joe DiMaggio signed baseball bat is worth about $1,500.-$2,500. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signatures. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less.All three players were under contract with the Upper-Deck company. If the baseball bat features the Upper Deck Authentic hologram it could have a higher value.In a recent eBay auction a Mickey Mantle Ted Williams Joe DiMaggio signed Hillerich and Bradsby Baseball Bat without a letter of authenticity went unsold for $800. At a glance the signatures look good but, this auction shows the importance of having a signature properly authenticate.

You have a special Mickey Mantle louisville slugger 125s hillerich and bradsby co bat is it worth anything?

Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger 125S SpecialA Mickey Mantle Louisville Slugger 125S Special store model bat in unused excellent -near/mint condition is worth about $75.-$100. in used but not abused excellent condition about $50.-$75.The bulk of the value will be determined by the condition, and the age of the bat. Longer, older and higher grade bats will sell for more. See Related links for more information on Mickey Mantle baseball bats, and a guide to help you date the bat.

When was the Hillerich and Bradsby number 9 Mickey Mantle bat made?

The number 9 bat is an older inexpensive store model bat but I have never seen one endorsed by Mickey Mantle. A Mickey Mantle Store Model bat will sell in the $40.-$100. price range. There are many factors that could effect the value more or less. As with all Collectible condition is important. Used and abused, bats with chips, faded printing,or split wood, will sell for far less than bats that are in used but excellent condition, to unused mint condition. The size and model number of the bat is important as well. A bat closer to the size, and model the ballplayer used during his career will be of higher value. Little league bats, 31 inches or shorter will be of less value. The date the bat was made. Older bats will sell at a higher price. To find out how old your Mickey Mantle Hillerich and Bradsby bat is and other information on Mickey Mantle bats, visit the link below. Louisville Slugger Bat Dating.

How much is an Official AL baseball signed by Mickey Mantle and Elston Howard worth?


What years were the H and B little league 77 Mickey Mantle bat produced?

Mickey Mantle H&B 77 model Team LeaderThe Mickey Mantle H&B 77 model Team Leader little league baseball bats were made by Hillerich & Bradsby co. Louisville Slugger during the 1960's. A bat in excellent -Near mint condition is worth about $20 - $40.Other players offered on the H&B 77 Team leader bats included Carl Yastrzemski, Roberto Clemente, Hennry Aaron, Johnny Bench, and Pete rose. See Related Links below for more indormation and pictures.

What is the value of the last official baseball Mickey Mantle played in an official game with signed and inscribed?

I would say anywhere from 2.401 million on up depending upon which collectors find the piece

Did Mickey Mantle ever play at Wrigley Field?

In the 8th inning of Ken Burn's "Baseball" the film sequence implies Mantle hit a home run at Wrigley! I suspect he never played an official game at Wrigley Field!!

How many walk off home runs has mickey mantle?

The "walk-off" home run is a media made up term and is not an official statistic in baseball. There is no record for "walk-off" home runs for Mantle or any other player.

Where is the baseball hall of fame that has Mickey Mantle?

Mickey Mantle was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, located in Cooperstown, NY, in 1974

When was Mickey Mantle elected?

Mickey Mantle was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.

How much is a Mickey Mantle homer number 236?

Mickey Mantle's 236th home runFor a baseball to be valued as Mickey Mantle's 236th home run the baseball would have to be accompanied with provenance, and the quality of the provenance will dictate the value. A letter from a player, team, or League official would be acceptable. A letter from a fan at the game would not hold much weight if any. Without provenance the value will rely on the buyers belief in your story.