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The value of a 1967 New York Yankees yearbook in near/mint condition is about $40.00 - $75.00. Condition is important on getting top dollar. the slightest flaws will bring the price down significantly. Common flaws would be staining, foxing (yellowing), fading, stains, creases, rips, loose pages, cracked binding, and writing on the cover. The signatures on the cover would be considered as a flaw in the condition of the yearbook to a collector of yearbooks. Therefore the bulk of the value will rely on the value of the signatures, which in this case will be less than the value of an unsigned yearbook. The value of a 1967 Yankee Yearbook with the signatures of Dooley Womack, and Rubin Amaro on the cover would most likely be in the $15. -$25. price Range. If the signatures are on the inside of the yearbook then the yearbook will retain most or all of it's value at about $40.-$75.

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Q: What is the value of a 67 NY Yankee yearbook sign by Dooley Womack Ruben Amaro?
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