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3.5 million

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Q: What is the value of a 22 karat babe Ruth baseball card?
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How much is a karat gold babe Ruth baseball card worth?

100 k

How much is a 23 karat gold Babe Ruth baseball card?

About 5 to 25 dollars depending on grade

What is the worth of a babe Ruth 1923 being remembered card?

what is the value of a 1933 babe ruth career highlight baseball card

What is the value of a 1940's Babe Ruth mini baseball card?

== ==

What is the value of a Topps Babe Ruth 22 Karat gold foil 1933 Goudey card number 53?

about 10000

What was Babe Ruth know for?

Babe Ruth was a baseball star.

What is the value of a baseball signed by Babe Ruth 100 yr. anniv. in the original wrapper?

A Babe Ruth signature is one of the most prized signatures in the hobby. A Babe Ruth single signed baseball in general is worth about $6,000.-$10,000. Value may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. If the signature is not properly authenticated the signed baseball could sell at half the market value or less. The 100 anniversary of baseball was 1969 and could not have been signed by Babe Ruth. You also noted that it is still in it's original wrapper. You have a Baseball's 100 year anniversary Souvenir baseball with a Babe Ruth facsimile stamped signature. This baseball could bring a value of about $30. -$40.

Is babe Ruth colored?

no babe ruth was the whitest cracker in baseball

Babe Ruth played which sport?

Babe Ruth played baseball

What is the Value Babe Ruth Baseball Legends Gold Stamp 23 Karat Pure Yellow Gold?

If it's real $50

What is the value of a 1994 Babe Ruth republic of Liberia coin?

if the coin is 10 karat white gold the weight is worth about 285.00 but i dont know how much more u should ad for it being a babe ruth collector coin also.

When was the first Babe Ruth baseball card made?

The 1914 Babe Ruth baseball card, produced by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper was the first Babe Ruth card.