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less than a nickel.

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Q: What is the value of a 1992-1997 Michael Jordan silver cards?
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What are Michael Jordan cards worth?

How much Michael Jordan cards are worth depends on which card you have, and what condition the card is in. The value of Michael Jordan cards vary from under a dollar, to several hundred dollars.

Where do we sell Michael Jordan cards?

eBay is a great place to sell Jordan cards.

Where can one purchase Michael Jordan cards?

One can purchase Michael Jordan cards through many online sites such as Comc, Sports buy, Amazon, and many more. The Michael Jordan gift cards are available at all different prices on these websites.

What football player is on the most football cards?

Michael Jordan

How many Michael Jordan cards have been published?


How many Michael Jordan rare air cards is there?


Value of basketball cards?

Depends on which cards you're selling. If you had a Michael Jordan rookie, then lots. If you have maybe, a Jordan Farmar card, then you won't have much luck.

How much is a michael jordan legacy card worth?

There are several Legacy cards which feature Michael Jordan. The price is determined by the year of the card, its condition, and its demand.

How much is Michael Jordan's rookie and career cards?

If you have both then 500

How many different Michael Jordan cards have been made?


How much does a Michael Jordan basketball card cost?

michael jordan basketball cards are worth all different amounts they range from a few dollars to about $10,000 it all just depends on the card and condition of the michael jordan card the one thats about $10,000 would be his rookie cards graded a gem mint 10 by psa most of his cards are affordable for the average person

Michael Jordan topps card worth?

It depends on the year and condition, Michael Jordan Topps cards from the 1980's are worth anywhere from $20 dollar and up. If you are lucky enough to have bought the 1986 Fleer or the 1984 Star Company Michael Jordan cards they are worth quite alot of money in mint condition.

How much is the Michael Jordan mvp 91-93 cards worth?


Michael Jordan rookie cards worth?

They are worth anywhere from 500-1000.

What is Michael Jordan's lifestyle?

Michael Jordan lives what could be called a extravagant lifestyle. He has been known to gamble large sums of money on golf shots and hands of cards.

How much is a Michael Jordan college card worth?

Michael Jordan college cards are worth whatever someones willing to pay

What is value of Michael Jordan basketball card?

i have 2 halograhm basket ball cards of Micheal Jordan 1991 upper deck

What is the value of Michael Jordan 22kt gold rookie and career cards made by the Danbury Mint?

On eBay, prices for Michael Jordan 22kt gold rookie and career cards by Danbury Mint are priced at $20.00 to $30.00 for single cards. Sets are priced higher. For an accurate appraisal, the card would need to be taken to a dealer.

How much is a Michael Jordan playing golf card worth?

There are several Michael Jordan golf cards including the 'Jordan Knows Golf' card. They generally sell for 99 cents to $15.00 depending on the particular card and condition.

Who many people have the 1998 upper deck Michael Jordan big cards?

I have one!

Value of upper deck all metal Michael Jordan cards?

1000 dollars

What is the value of upper deck Michael Jordan NBA finals cards?

$100,000,000 US

What Michael Jordan 5 metal collector cards are worth 1500 each?


How much are NBA dream Michael Jordan cards worth?

I have a Michael Jordan 5 by 7 card set golds from Upper Deck NBA Dreams signed i would like to know what they are worth please

How much is a Michael Jordan Chicago White Sox Rookie of the year card worth?

There are a few cards that are considered to be Michael Jordan's Rookie baseball card. Michael Jordan never made it to the Major leagues, or the Chicago White Sox, and could not have been named Rookie of the year. His numbers in the minors would not have won him this award at that level as well. If you could list the number of the card, and the company that issued the set, I could help you out with a value. See Related Links for values of Michael Jordan baseball cards.