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Q: What is the value of a 1968 St. Louis Cardinals National League Champions commemorative plate?
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Who were the National League champions in 1947?

The Brooklyn Dodgers were the 1947 National League Champions.

Which baseball league are the St. Louis Cardinals?

The Cardinals are in the national league (central division)

What two teams are playing in the 2006 World Series?

The 2006 American League champions are the Detroit Tigers and the 2006 National League Champions are the St. Louis Cardinals. These two teams are playing in the 2006 World Series. Cardinals and Detroit -----Update: The Cardinals beat the Tigers 4 games to 1 to win the 2006 World Series.

Are the Cardinals an American League or National League team?

The St. Louis Cardinals play in the National League East and have represented the N.L. in 18 World Series.

What division are the Cardinals in?

the National League Central Division

Where is the world series played?

At the home ballparks of the National League and American League champions.

What baseball teams are the best in both American and national league?

in the national league cardinals cubs braves

What is the World Series of Major League Baseball?

its the championship between the national league and American league champions

What league do the St. Louis Cardinals play in?

National League Central Division

What is the trophy called for the champions of the National Hockey League?

The Stanley Cup

Is the champions league national?

The Champions League, the club competition for soccer clubs in Europe, is international. Clubs from many different countries in Europe participate in it.

Which two men were National League batting champions in 1947?

cause of disorder

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