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Q: What is the value of a 1903 hologram world series trivia card?
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Value of 1991 SCORE Trivia Baseball Card 1914 World Series Trivia?

About 8 cents. Whole set of 56 cards go for about $4.50 right now.

What was the score of the World Series in 1996?

4-2 in favor of the Yankees. Oh just a little world series trivia, John Wetteland was the MVP of that world series

When was Hologram World created?

Hologram World was created on 2008-02-25.

Where can you look up trivia about the world?

The best sources for trivia about the world would be the World Almanac, and also the CIA World Factbook.

What was Josh Beckett's ERA in the 2003 World Series?

1.13 is the answer to the trivia question Josh Beckett's ERA in the 2003 World Series was 1.10. He gave up 2 earned runs in 16 1/3 innings.

Where can buy a real hologram duel disk in the world?

no where

What is the main idea of Kingdom Keepers?

Kingdom Keepers is an amazing series about 5 kids who are hired to become hologram hosts for Disney. But when the kids go to sleep they wake up in the Magic Kingdom in their hologram forms. They meet a worker named Wayne who informs them that they are to fight an evil band of Disney villains. The series is about their amazing encounters with these Overtakers and their quest to save the world.

What is the value of a pennant from the 1992 World Series?

about $15

What is the Value of 1977 world series program?

about $30.00

How many 1969 World Series black bats were made?

value of 1965 dodgers black world series bat

What is the value of a 1944 World series signed baseball?


What is the value of newspaper press plate of twins winning world series?

i have the World Series 2010 of San Francisco Giants Newspaper Plates there value is about $350 selling mine for $250