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Less than 50 cents.

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Q: What is the value of Gold Standard Dave Cowens Hall Of Fame card number 1 of 20000?
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What is 20000 mg equal to?

20000 mg can equal any number of other values. Unless you specify the value you would like it converted to, we'd just be guessing.

What is the value of a July 1923 20000 reichsbanknote?

20000 reich banknote july 1923

Difference between place value and face value?

The difference is the PLACE VALUE is the number in standard form and the VALUE is the name of the place spot the number is in.

What is the value of a July 1923 20000 reichsbanknote worth?

20000 reich banknote july 1923

What is the street value for LSD?

$20000 for one gram

What is the value of 2 in 21361?

Well the value of 2 is 20000. For example if you had 5673 as a number and you need to find the value of 3 just look where the three is. It's in the ones place. Then the 7 is in the tens and so on. That's how you find out what the value is.

What is the value of 20000 Indonesian rupiah in us?

20000 Indonesian Rupiah is worth 2.12 US dollars.

If they say your cash value is 596 at end of month that is the amount you are allowed to borrow can you borrow like 20000?

No you can't if the value is 596.but if the amount value is 20000 at the end of the month you can.But other than that you can't

What is the standard numeral?

Standard numeral is a number written where each digit has a place value according to its position in relation to other digits. It means stating a number in number form.

How much will a car be worth after 5 years if you buy it for 20000 and the value decreases by 10 percent year?

20000 - 20000(.10)(5) = $10000 **That is assuming there was no real damage done!

What is the value of a 1960 magnavox console stereo?


What is 17536 rounded to the greatest place value?

The Answer Is: 20000

A number written with one digit for each place value is in what form?

standard form

What is the present value of a 10-year ordinary annuity of 20000 using a 7 percent discount rate?

Year Amount Disc Rate Present Value 1 20000 1.0700 18692 2 20000 1.1449 17469 3 20000 1.2250 16326 4 20000 1.3108 15258 5 20000 1.4026 14260 6 20000 1.5007 13327 7 20000 1.6058 12455 8 20000 1.7182 11640 9 20000 1.8385 10879 10 20000 1.9672 10167 Total PV 140472

How do you write a complex number in standard form?

The standard from for a complex number is a + bi, where a and b can have any real value including zero and i = √-1

What is the place value of five in 6.324657?

It is: 0.00005 or 1/20000

What is the value of a high standard trophy pistol with serial number 2287241?


What is the value of the number one in 3.100 in standard form?

0.1 or one tenth.

What is the value of JC Higgins fishing reel model 535.39660?

about 20000

What is the value of a norinco ak 47?

100-20000 depending on specifics

What min value require for E-SUGAM form?


What is the value of a high standard R-100 pistol with serial number 33978?

Can't value with only the sn, need details

What is the value of the standard error of the sample mean?

The sample standard deviation (s) divided by the square root of the number of observations in the sample (n).

What statistical measure is not a summary number but rather a comparison between each data value and a single number?

Standard deviation

What is the value of interval 10000 and 20000?

1000 = 1 secondso 10000 = 10 secondssp 20000 = 20 seconds