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This is one of the classic iron sets of the modern era. However, as the Asians are not collecting like they once did, most classic Golf clubs are worth what you will pay for them. It's a buyers market in the golf business these days. Good for us , bad for OEMs.

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Q: What is the value of 1967 MacGregor VIP irons- 2-sw in good conditition?
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Did Jack Nicklaus ever use the Macgregor VIP irons?

Jack Nicklaus both designed and played the 1967 VIP irons from 1966 to 1976 when he then switched to the investment cast version of the club that he played until 1980. The original prototypes did not have the crowns on the faces and he played with them in 1966 and ultimately settled on the production model design with crowns on the faces in 1967. The 1967 model had a bronze ferrule that was unique that was later changed to a black ferrule in 1968 along with a smaller font "by Nicklaus" on the back toe of the clubhead. Jack was under pressure form MacGregor to promoted the investment cast technology of the 1970's which reduced manufacturing cost and he collaborated with David Graham to design the Jack Nicklaus VIP cast irons and both he and David Graham played that model as MacGregor staff members. In 1980 David Graham designed a prototype iron for Jack Nicklaus that he went on to win the 1980 US Open and PGA Championship with and was the design then incorporated in the Muirfield irons in 1983.

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I have the same set I believe. Mine are dated 1967.

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What is value of 1967 mustang?

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Jack Nicklaus 1981 limited edition clubs value?

I would imagine, if the clubs have been used and not by Jack, they are probably not worth any U.S. currency, besides sentimental value. At least anyone with any sense would not give money for 30 year old clubs. Technology advances regularly in golf clubs especially the last 10 years. so if somebody really wanted really cheap clubs they could find some at a 1/3 of the age of 1981 clubs for next to nothing. How much is a computer... or a refrigerator... or a TV... or even a car worth from 1981? Exactly. That is not exactly true. Macgregor irons are highly collectable and are quite pricey. If these clubs are new or mint condition they are worth 500.00 or more. Sets of VIP irons from 1967 sell for 1000 new, 500 or more used. Another note. Irons have not changed very much when it comes to forged blades. These irons were some of the finest ever forged, and the finish grinding were performed by masters like Don White. These clubs were responsible for 58 major victories. Hope this helps.

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