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=the uniform you would need includes a good pair of sneakers, a jersey and a good pair of comfortable shorts.=

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Q: What is the uniform used for basketball including shoes?
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What is the difference of running shoes from basketball shoes?

Running shoes are shoes exclusively for outdoor activities like jogging. While basketball shoes are shoes that can be used both indoor and outdoor activities like inside a basketball gym and sometimes it can also be used outside when there's basketball arena/field around.

Where can one purchase Nike basketball shoes?

Nike basketball shoes can be purchased from the online retail store called Amazon. Amazon has a wide selection of shoes in the shoes section. Nike basketball shoes are for sale, brand new and used.

What equipment is used in basketball?

In basketball all you need is some basketball shorts some basketball shoes and a basketball hoop and ball.

Which uniform used for kho-kho?

sports gear, proper shoes which helps in moving fast

What did basketball players were for shoes when basketball was first invented?

when James Naismith was told to invent a sport, he invented basketball. he wore regular shoes and threw a volley ball into a basket nailed to the wall. then someone went to the balcony and used a stick to get it out

What sport were Converse All-Star tennis shoes first used for?


Sample solicitation for basketball uniform?

There are different templates online that show sample solicitation letters for basketball uniforms. They are used to encourage alumni, businesses and neighbors to support local basketball teams financially.

What are Under Armour shoes and where are they available to purchase online?

Under Armour shoes are shoes that are used for sports such as basketball, football, soccer, etc. They are avaibable online to purchase on Dicks or Sporting Goods.

What are objects are used in basketball?

In a game, a basketball and a hoop are used. In terms of gear and apparel this may vary but it could consist of a jersey, shorts, basketball shoes, headband, arm sleeves, compression shorts, basketball socks, etc. Many popular basketball brands include Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Jordan.


The first Chuck Taylor shoes were used in basketball in 1918.

Terminologies of basketball?

There are many terms that are used in basketball, including team, coach, and basket. Score, free throw, court, and foul are also terms that are heard in basketball.

Where can one purchase a used Jordan basketball?

You can purchase a pair of used Jordan Basketball Shoes online through personal sellers at eBay. You can also find a pair through a local personal seller by using Craigslist.

What are the materials and equipments used in basketball?

All you need is a Basketball court to play on (outside or inside along with a Basketball hoop) basketball (get one for dick sporting goods and if it runs out of air a pump ),and Penni's/jerseys for a game or scrimmage.For you a sweat shirt/jersey, shorts and some basketball shoes.

Does Track interfere with Basketball?

Track should not interfere with basketball. "However some track drills may be used as basketball drills because both sports involve running, and in some cases jumping, track doesn't usually interfere with basketball, but it depends on what you mean by interfere, like you could mean, are you able to run track while you play basketball? in most schools yes you are eligible. but in some you are not. or you could mean, Can you run track on a basketball court? Mostly no. because track has turf and an inside basketball court is slippery, meaning it is varnished so much that certain shoes can make you slide on it, but if you have basketball shoes you don't have this problem. If you have track shoes on a basketball court it would make it harder to run but isn't impossible."

What is the different equipment used for cheer leading?

The most common cheerleading equipment can be stunt straps, knee bands, and cheer shoes, as well as a cheer uniform.

What advantages does the different materials give the shoe in terms of performance comfort and quality?

nike flywire technology is the lightweight material that you see on their shoes. Originally used on the hyperdunk and now it is used in many shoes. If you want basketball shoes, the flywire is used in the hyperize and hypermax. in football its used in the vapor jet and carbon vapor fly. and for running its used in the air max 2009. But nike shoes please. don't ever buy under armour or Adidas shoes because youll just end up getting mad at yourself

What are high tops?

"High Tops" are sneakers that used most frequently in Basketball. Ordinary tennis shoes are cut below the ankles, high top shoes extend above, covering, the ankle and have added support.

Is rockport shoes made in India or not?

Rockport shoes and boots used to be made in various countries, including Portugal and the US. Now most of their footwear is manufactured cheaply in China. Some shoes may also be manufactured in India.

Where are Rockport Shoes manufactured?

Rockport shoes and boots used to be made in various countries, including Portugal and the US. Now most of their footwear is manufactured cheaply in China.

Where does basketball get used?

A basketball gets used when you play basketball.

What can I do to fix my shoes?

If you bought the Nike Pegasus 83 SI are they are wearing out at the toe you can repair it yourself. Try Freesole which is an adhesive used to reattach and rebuild most shoes, including the toe area.

Equipment used for basketball?

You don't need much equipment to play Basketball, but preferably most B-Ball players buy B-Ball shoes and the only other thing you will need is Jersey and Shorts which will be provided if you play for a team. LIZZIE1719 ツ

Where can you buy Stephon Marbury Shoes?

Right now you can buy them on You used to be able to buy them at Steve and Barrys, but they went bankrupt. Also, try I dont know if the starbury basketball shoes have been put up yet, but its worth a shot.

What are basketball brackets used for?

Basketball brackets are used in basketball tournaments to determine the winnners and other placements of the teams. There are several different types of brackets used in basketball tournaments.

What is the size difference between nike shoes and Adidas shoes?

Adidas and Nike are both brands of trainers that can be used for many sports including running. Depending on the style of the shoe the sizingÃ?s can vary you should try the shoes on before buying to ensure the best fit.