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training consists of calasthentics and weight lifting, running and practice for 4-8 hours a day

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Q: What is the typical day for baseball players?
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What is a WNBA's players typical work day?

what do wnba players doon typical days

Eleven is to cricket as WHAT is to baseball?

Nine, I think.Cricket teams have 11 players each. Not counting the American League's designated hitter, your typical baseball team has nine players.

What do baseball Players Do On Jackie Robinson Day?

On Jackie Robinson day, players in the Major Leagues all wear the #42 on their jersey to honor a true hero and baseball legend.

What is a typical day for pro soccer players?


What is the per diem for Major League Baseball players?

The per diem for Major League Baseball players as of 2009 is $89.50 a day. In the minor league, it's only $20 a day.

What is typical day?

a typical day is a day ..that would be good for your self meaning everyone has a typical day what they do from the beginning of the day to the end of the day what is your typical day?

Do baseball players wear number 42 on Jackie Robinson day?

Yes, all players and coaches wear the uniform number of 42 on Jackie Robinson Day.

When do you where you sunglasses in baseball?

sunglasses are used during day games. Baseball players used to wear flips and knock them down only when a fly ball was hit into the sun. Now players just wear the sunglasses throughout the day game.

How many calories do baseball players eat per day?

6000 calories

Is salary influential for baseball players performance?

yes, because in now a day times MOST players don't play for the game but the glory and $.

What might have been typical day for him?

what migth have been typical day for him

When do Major League Baseball players practice?

before the games and almost every day

What day do baseball players wear number 42?

April 15 of every year

What do you call the players in a baseball team?

Ball Players . . .

What is DL in baseball?

Disabled List. This is a list for injured players. Players can be placed on either the 15 or 60 day DL, depending on the severity of the injury.

When was the 7 day disabled list made in baseball?

The 7-day Disabled List was first in effect for the 2011 Major League Baseball season. The 7-day Disabled List is only for Major League Baseball players that have concussions that will need a few days to recover. Major League Baseball's Medical Director needs to receive a medical report for all players that have been placed on the 7-day DL and then the Medical Director for Major League Baseball will have to give his approval before the player can be activated.

Why are major league baseball players wearing red caps this weekend?

in honour of Canada day.

What does s beside players name represent in fantasy baseball?

They are in the starting lineup for their game that day.

How many players are there in a baseball?

there are 9 players on the baseball field.

What is the typical day of a geologist like?

what is a typical day like for geologist

What is a typical day in England?


What day in the MLB do all players wear 42?

April 15th to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day. This is the day that he broke Major League Baseball's color barrier.

What do baseball players do before a game?

baseball players stech befor

What are baseball players called when they play for fun?

amatteur baseball players

What are players who play baseball for money called?

Professional Baseball Players