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Q: What is the total number of hurdles in a 300 meter hurdle race?
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How many strides are in a 60 meter hurdle race?

Assuming you are talking about an above high school or college male athlete, there is typically 8 steps to the first hurdle and 3 steps in between each of the remaining 4 hurdles. The runout after the last hurdle will depend but likely 4-5 steps. The total is 24-25 steps.

What is the total number of square meters of glass windows of the world?

cubic meter are found in

How many medals total has Cuba won in the 2008 Olympics?

In 2008 in Beijing, Cuba won: 2 gold; Mijain Lopez in Men's Greco Roman Wrestling 120g; Dayron Robles in Men's 110 meter hurdles. 11 silver and 11 bronze.

How do you calculate price per square meter?

To calculate the price per square meter, divide the total price by the total number of square meters. For example, if a piece of cardboard with an area of 10 square meters cost 5 dollars, the price per square meter would be (10 m2)/($5), which comes out to be 50 cents per square meter.

How many cm in total is 1 meter?

The 100 cm (centimeters) in a meter.

What is the total length in 116centimeters into meter?

1.16 metres

How many 300mmx600mm tiles fit into 1square meter?

300 mm = 0.300 meter and 600 mm = 0.600 meter. The area in meters of each tile is therefore 0.300 X 0.600 = 0.180 square meter. The number of tiles require to total 1 square meter therefore is 1/0.180 = about 5.5. Therefore, no integral number of tiles will exactly fill the specified space, and no more than five will fit. If the 1 square meter has a very long and narrow shape, narrower than 0.300 meter, no tiles at all will fit.

What is the total square feet of length 10 meter width 10 meter?

1,076.39 square feet.

How many meters are in 8200 cm?

To find the answer, divide the total centimeters by 100, the number of centimeters in a meter. In this case, the answer is 82: 8,200cm / 100 = 82 meters.

A spider is crawling on a wall it crawls 1 meter up 1 meter to the left then 1 meter down what is the total displacement?

Sounds as though it ends 1 meter to the left of start point.

Is an atoms number of protons is always the same as its number of valence electrons?

No. Total number of protons = total number of electrons and not total number of valence electrons. Only for hydrogen and helium, total number of protons = total number of electrons = total number of valence electrons.

How many silver medals has Sally Person won?

Sally Pearson has won a total of two medals at the Olympic Games in the 100 meter hurdles: one silver in 2008, and one gold in 2012. At other international competitions, Pearson has won five gold and two bronze medals in various track-and-field events.

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