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Q: What is the total number of events taking place in the 2012 Olympics?
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What events are taking place in the Olympics 2012?

The summer events!

How many events taking place in London Olympics 2012?

there are 32 events at the 2012 olympics.

How many events are taking place at this Olympic Games?

300 events take place in the olympics

How many sport events are taking place in the Olympics?

302 Events in all.

How many sports played at summer Olympics?

The number of sports all depends on the spending budget of the country. In London 2012 there is meant to be 302 events taking place.

What events are currently taking place in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Probebly the usual, skiing, speedskating, bobsleding, and the sort.

What countries taking part in the Olympics?

Any country can participate in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. There are qualifying events that take place to determine who can participate in the games.

Where in London is the Olympics taking place?


How many sports and events take place in Olympics?

there are 26 sports and about 300 events.

Where did the 2012 Olympics take place?

They are taking place in the City of London

How many events take place altogether in the Olympics?


Where did the equestrian events in the ancient Olympics take place?

In the stadium.