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at least $600 but can be up to $1000.

assuming adult size, an average helmet cost $200-$300. shoulder pad/body armor $200-$300. jersey, pants, undergarment pads and shoes $200 - $400. yes, it is an expensive hobby.

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One can buy them from local football teams, and there are several good websites which sell used equipment such as e.bay for "used football equipment". The condition of the equipment should obviously be questioned before purchase, and a good variety can usually be found locally, depending on pee-wee, junior high, junior or senior varsity sizes needed. An entire set for one player can cost as much as 200 dollars and as little as 75 in the local market (here in Pennsylvania, as well as sites like e.bay, etc.) Depending on the use, many schools and clubs will donate the equipment.

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The equipment size depends on the players size.

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Q: What is the total cost of American football equipment?
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