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about 680

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Q: What is the total college football player in all?
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Who is the most decorated college football player?

Charlie Ward has all the hardware

What does all American mean in college football?

It mean to be the best player at your position

What president was an all-star football player at a big ten college?

President Gerald Ford was an all-star football player on the University of Michigan football team. He played center and linebacker.

How many division 1 college football players are there in the US?

The exact number of Division 1 college football players is unknown. However there are a total of 80,000 college football players across all divisions.

Who are the all time total yardage leaders in college football?

for Alabama Brodie Croyle

How much years of college does it take to become a soccer player?

first of all its football, not soccer, and there's no college to become a FOOTBALL player, you get picked up by clubs when your young and developed from youth

Who is the best college football player of all time?

Vince Young Tim Tebow

Average height for college football player?

Avg. Height for a college football player, you really cant say it all depends on what position you play. So there really is no answer unless you're looking for specifics.

Who is the best college football player of all time at Ohio state?

Probably Eddie George

Which president was an all American football player in college?

Gerald Ford was an All-American center for the University of Michigan.

Where did Bob attend college?

Bob Sanders, who was a football player, attended school at the University of Iowa.While he was there, he played all 4 years as a College Football star for the University of Iowa.

Do all college football players get to play in the NFL?

No. Not all college football players go to the NFL, not even all division 3 college football players go into the NFL

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