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140 miter

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Q: What is the total area of cricket ground?
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What is the area of the cricket ground?

it depends on the ground in which match is genrally the area of a cricket ground is 15,000sq-mts.

Which London ground is known as the home of cricket?

Lords cricket ground in the St.John's Wood area of London is known as the 'Home of Cricket'.

What is the cricket ground area?

Minimum 70 meters from the Pitch.

What is the area of a cricket ground in acres?

A minimum of 3.5 acres in area, for diameter of 137 m

What is the cricket playing area called?

It is called a cricket ground. The center rectangular area where the batsmen play is called the pitch and the surrounding ares are called the outfield.

What is the Melbourne Cricket Ground capacity?

With the recent redevelopment of the northern side of the stadium complete, the Melbourne Cricket Ground now boasts of a total capacity of 100,024 people.

Which is the biggest cricket ground in the world?

The world's biggest cricket ground by capacity is the Melbourne Cricket Ground with a capacity of 100,018.

How do you calculate ground coverage of the buliding?

Ground coverage of the bldg is equal to total gross ground floor building area divide by total plot area.

What is the playing area for cricket?

Cricket is played in a cricket ground or cricket field (which is green and grassy somewhat like a football field), in the middle of which there is a pitch (ungrassed piece of land) where the batsmen bat.

Is cricket ground is a compound word?

No, "cricket ground" is two words.

What is the Largest cricket ground in the world?

Its MCG cricket Ground in Australia.

The cricket ground at Kennington in London is called?

kennington cricket ground

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