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Q: What is the top speed a raptor 250r can go?
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What is the top speed of a 1981 250r atc Honda?

65 MPH stock....Can get it to go 80 with different sprockets

How fast will a 660 raptor go?

Top Speed is around 80-86 MPH.

What is the top speed of a stock raptor 450?

how fast dose a raptoe 450 go

How fast can a 2011 Raptor 125 go?

the 2011 and 2012 yamaha raptor 125 can top out in 5th gear at the exact speed of 54mph on a staight away.

What is the top speed for the raptor 250?

stock it does about 55-60 but if you modify it you could get it to go about 70-80

How fast does 125 cc four wheeler go?

Yamaha Raptor 125 has a top speed around 45mph.

How fast does a raptor 250 go with the baffle removed?

Removing the baffle will get you a couple more horsepower, but the gearing is what determines the top speed.

How fast does a Raptor 250 go?

about 65 mph at top speed that is on a straight away on pavement about 55 mph found out by radar

How fast does the Yamaha raptor 600 go and is is one of the fastest four wheelers?

Did you mean 660 or 700? Either way the Raptor is "one of" the fastest quads, with a top speed around 70mph(660)-73/74mph(700).

Top speed of a 250 three wheeler?

it really depends on what 250 three wheeler you are talking about Honda makes the big red 250 the 250 x 250 sx and the 250r the the big red goes about 40-45 the 250x and sx go about 50-55 and depending on what kind of modifications are done to the 250R it could go close to 85 mph

What is faster Honda 450 TRX or Raptor 700?

If it's kind of tight trails the Raptor would probably be better. Now open trails and logging roads that you can really open the bike up on, it could go either way. From what I have read, the Raptor's top speed is faster, but just by a hair. Raptor 76 mph to Honda 450 TRX 73mph

How fast can the f 22 raptor go?

Maximum speed of the F22 Raptor is Mach 2.25 (1,500 mph, 2,410 km/h).

How fast can a F22 raptor go?

With afterburners, top speed is "greater than Mach 2.0" (greater than 1,317 mph, 2,120 km/h). Actual top speed is classified. The F-22 can supercruise (without use of afterburner) at speeds in excess of mach 1.5

How fast does a stock Honda CRF 250R go?

"my friend has a Honda 250r with alot of after market parts you cant put another aftermarket part on it and it goes 95 to 99 mph they are very junk quads" "First off, a crf 250r is a motorcycle and not a quad. Second, unless you own one or have personal experience with one, you shouldn't post your opinion. I own a 2004 CRF 250R with stock sprockets and I have had it going 60+ mph. If you put on a smaller rear sprocket, you would go faster. The stock sprocket is a 51 tooth and you can get aftermarket as low as a 48 tooth which would likely increase your top speed by about 8-10 mph. (maybe more)" But the Trx model is a ATV its called a trx 250r look it up Read the question, it asks the speed of a stock CRF 250R, which is a motorcycle, it says nothing about a TRX. Good thing you people know how to read.

How fast does a 85 suzuki 250r go?

You need more info, if its a dual sport type bike, it will top out around 70 or 80

How fast does a Ford Raptor go?

they top out at 198. no you can Barry the speedometer at about 100 to 120

How fast do a raptor 700 go?

A raptor 700 will go about 80-90 mph

How fast will a wr 250r go?

87 mph

How many mph can a crf 250r go?


I am 13 and going to buy an ATV i have 3 kind in mind either a raptor 250 a Yamaha blaster or extreme typhoon 125cc winch one should you get?

it depends on what u want is it speed or what? a 250 isnt super fast and will top out at about 60-70kph i would go for a raptor but dont get into mud u wont get out its not 4x4 is chain driven if u want 4x4 get a 450 kodiak or 350 kodiak about the same speed but with 4x4

What is the top speed of a 50cc moped?

my 50 cc moped can go 30-35 at top speed

How fast will a 450 Raptor go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

How fast does the raptor 450 go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

How fast will the 450 Raptor go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

How fast can a raptor 350 go?

I have a gps and a stock raptor goes 62