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the top of the inning is the first three outs in an inning. an inning has a total of six outs, three outs for each team. each team takes as many at-bats as they can get before they get three outs in their half of the inning. then the other team gets at-bats until they get three outs. after that, the inning is over.


The home team gets "home field advantage." In Baseball, the visiting team bats first and the home team bats last.

The advantage to batting last is that the visiting team does not get another chance to take the lead if the home team is ahead after the visiting team has batted in the ninth inning, or if the home team takes the lead during its turn at bat in the ninth inning.

The home team always gets the last chance to tie or win the game in the ninth inning or extra innings.

The "top" of the inning refers to the visiting team being at bat. The "bottom" of the inning refers to the home team being at bat.

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Q: What is the top of the inning in baseball?
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In baseball how many outs arethere in a inning?

Six, Three in the top of the inning and three at the bottom

In which sport do participants use top of the fifth?

Baseball. 5th being the inning and top being the away team batting, starting off the inning.

What sport does the term top of the fifth come from?

The term 'Top of the fifth' comes from the sport of baseball and is when the visiting team is batting during the fifth inning. The 'top' of an inning is when the visiting team is batting. The 'bottom' of an inning is when the home team is batting.

Do Softball innings have a top and bottom?

Yes they do, just as in baseball. The visiting team bats during the top of an inning. The home team bats during the bottom of an inning.

How many outs are in an inning of baseball?

There are 6 outs per inning...3 outs for the Visitor in the top half of the inning, and 3 outs for the Home team in the bottom half of the inning.

What happens at the end of the ninth inning if its tied baseball?

If the game can safely continue, the top of the 10th inning begins. And they keep on playing baseball till someone wins the game.

Halfway through a baseball game is in what inning?

In MLB, half way through a baseball game is top of the fifth. There is no half game out to strike ratio but half of a baseball game is top 5.

What isTop of an innings in baseball?

in baseball an inning is split into top and bottom because of the way the scoring is (check it out if you ever go to a pro like game). the top of an inning is when the away team bats and the home team fields. it's vice-versa for the bottom.

What does top of the fifth mean?

With respects to the sport of baseball (which I believe is the root of your question), the term "top of the fifth" simply refers to the first half of the fifth inning during which the visiting team has the opportunity to bat. After the visiting team cycles through their allotted three outs, the inning enters the bottom of the inning. Each inning has both a "top" and "bottom" half. The actual term "top" or "bottom" of an inning stems from the placement of the score on either the top or bottom section of a scoreboard or scorecard.

What sport uses the terminology top of the fifth?

Well, baseball does, for one. Fifth being the fifth inning, top of the fifth meaning that the first team is up at bat (both teams get a bat turn each inning)

What is the top half of an inning?

The top half of the inning is when the visiting team is batting. When the home team is batting, that is called the bottom half of the inning.

Is the bottom of the ninth the last inning or is it the top of the ninth?

The bottom or top of the ninth.... INNING! It's both!

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