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"Across the Nation" by, Nation Underground.

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Q: What is the title of the old theme music for raw?
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Who is the band that does raw theme song move to the music?


What is raw theme music?

Currently, it is "To be loved" by Papa Roach.

What is WWE's raw's theme music?

To Be Loved by Papa Roach

Undertaker's current Theme song?

Rest In Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music Rest In Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music Reat in Peace by Jim Johnston on RAW: Greatest Hits-The Music

What is the name of WWE raw old theme song?

it was sex

What is the raw theme song in smackdown here comes the pain?

"I Want it All" by Jim Johnson is the Raw theme song in "Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain". Johnson is the lead music creator for WWE.

How do you get CM Punk's theme music in smackdown vs raw 2007?

yuo can't he is not on the game

What is the title and band that wrote chris Jericho's theme song on smackdown vs raw 2009?

Its just a remix

What was the name of RAW's old theme song?

Across the nation- Union underground

Is triple h's old theme song on smackdown vs raw 2010?


What was the old wwe raw theme song?

The song was called "Accross The Nation" and it was by a band called "Union Underground"... and incase you were wondering the new raw theme is "To Be Loved" by "Papa Roach"

What is the title of Chris Jericho's Entrance Music in Smackdown Vs Raw 2009?

break the wall down

How many theme songs has WWE raw had and a list?

RAW has had 10 themes. Raw- 1st theme "Monday Night Raw" Used: 1993- 1994, 1996- 1997, 2010. Raw- 2nd theme "I Like It RAW" Used: 1995 Raw- 3rd Theme "I Like It Raw (Instrumental)" Used: 1995 Raw- 4th Theme (Unknown Title) Used: 1995- 1996 Raw- 5th theme "Beautiful People (Raw Version)" Used: 1997 Raw- 6th theme "Thorn In Your Eye" (TV Version)" Used: 1997- 1998 Raw- 7th theme "Were All Together Now" Used: 1998- 2002 Raw- 8th theme "Across The Nation (TV Version)" Used: 2002- 2006 Raw- 9th theme "To Be Loved (TV Version)" Used: 2006- 2009 Raw- 10th Theme "Burn It To The Ground" Used: 2009- (as of 7/26/2011)

Where can you download the raw theme- to be loved?

Just go on google type in download raw theme son that's what i did =)

Where can you download WWE raw theme music for free without softwares like LimeWire?

You can watch it on youtube but otherwise you gotta get limewire

When was the Raw Theme song first released?

The Raw Theme song was first released in 1984. It was released, because Wrestling was a very popular sport at the time so the Raw Theme song was created for Wrestling.

Will the new Smackdown vs. RAW video game feature theme music from DX and NWO?

its possible that they have old entrance music available in the legends part of the game or in the create a wrestler page, however the WWE releases werestlers before the game is made and therefore are not included.

What is the name of Randy Orton tribute theme song?

In his old one that's inSmackdown Vs Raw 2008 is Burning In My Light and in is old one that's in Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 and 2010 is Voices.

What is the new 2010 WWE raw theme song called?

The name of the Monday Night Raw theme is "Burn it to the Ground" by the band Nickelback.

What is raw theme song?

burn i to the ground

What is the opening song for Monday Night Raw and who sings it?

"Across the Nation" by The Union Underground was the old theme song. the new opening song for monday night raw is by Papa Roach and is called "To Be Loved"

How can you get Jeff hardys new entrance theme in smackdown vs raw 2008?

You Hve To Have An XBOX 360, Then You Create A Music Playlist, Then You Can Do It Off The Create An Entrance Menu.

Who is the artist of WWE RAW theme song?

Move to the Music- Union Underground To Be Loved-Papa Roach Burn it To The Ground- Nickelback

Will you be able to upload your own music on WWE 2009?

No. WWE's music works just fine for most people. Their audio soundtrack includes some music hits, but it also plays the more popular superstars' theme songs, and the themes for Raw, Smackdown, and ECW.

Will smackdown vs raw 2009 Randy Orton theme song theme song?


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