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The answer is 15.2 seconds.

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Q: What is the time for an average swimmer to swim 1500 meters?
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How long to swim 1500 meters?

How long it takes to swim 1500 meters depends entirely on how fast a swimmer you are. For me it takes 20-25 minutes.

What is the average speed to swim 25 meters?

With a dive a good club swimmer can swim 25 meters in around 10 - 11 seconds. An average swimmer should bbe able to swim 25 meters in around 20 seconds

How long does it take to swim 1000 meters for an average swimmer?

9 min 51 sec - 15.31 On my swim team

How long should it take the average swimmer to do 50 meters?

i swim a fair bit. an average swimmer will swim 50 metres in about 1 and a half minutes breastroke. maybe 10 seconds faster if front crawl

How many swimming lengths are there in a mile?

A swimmer's mile is VERY different from your conventional mile. A swimmer's mile is 1650 yards OR 1500 meters. It would be 66 lengths! NOT 72. I'm a swim coach and swim on a United States Masters Swim Team.

How many meters can an olympic swimmer swim without turning?


How long will it take for the average person can swim 2640 yards?

It is debatable about what an average person is. An average swimmer can swim 2640 yards in about 30-50 minutes. It just depends if they are a swimmer.

What is the average time for the 1650 freestyle swim?

It all depends on the condition of the swimmer. A more experienced swimmer would swim faster. A good average time is 20 minutes.

How far must a swimmer swim in YOG?

A swimmer must swim 75m.

How far does each swimmer swim in a 4x400 swim meet?

400 meters. See, that event is a RELAY, so each swims 400m.

Can an average basset hound swim?

Yes, ALL dogs can swim. Although, the Basset hound is not a very fast swimmer.

How long does it take to swim across the Atlantic?

For an average swimmer definitely at least a month.

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