What is the time allowed for substitution in volley ball?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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During rotation

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Q: What is the time allowed for substitution in volley ball?
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How many players are allowed on a volley ball field at one time during a game?

12 players are allowed on a volley ball field at one time during a game.

What is the difference between a forearm and volley pass in volleyball?

a forearm is when u try to get the volley ball up so the other team won't get it back on time to ur team and a volley is when u pass the volley ball law then the other team should do the dig which most of people forget all the time

How many people on beach volley ball?

how many people can play vooley ball at a time how many people can play vooley ball at a time

Rules of contacting ball at volley ball?

you can only hit 3 times by the third time it must be over the net

WHAT does volleying means in volleyball?

Actual meaning of volley is bullet , arrow of other missiles throw at u.. so while serving the ball is released in a manner a bullet of arrow or missile is thrown at u.... hence the name VOLLEY...

What is volley scoring?

there is no such thing as volley scoring. there's rally, traditional, and a volley. rally scoring- every time the play is over, someone gets the point unless it's a redo traditional scoring-you can only get the point if your team served the ball before the play a volley- when the ball is hit back and fourth between the two teams (a good volley would be when it keeps going back and fourth, back and fourth....)

What is a happy birthday in volleyball?

happy birthday in volley ball is just to have a great time with your friends and to have a great game and to show who you are

What is time- out in volley ball?

a time out in volleyall is when the coach calls a time out from the game to talk to the team. depending on what level you are at, time outs can be 1 min. to 1 min. 15 sec.

Can you switch goalkeepers before a penalty kick?

You can change your goalkeeper at any time the ball is out of play, just like any other substitution. Before a penalty kick, the ball is out of play, and so a change or substitution can be made. However, once the kick is taken, if the ball remains in play (such as a successful save or a rebound from the goalpost or crossbar), then the new goalkeeper must remain the goalkeeper until the next time the ball is out of play. Some youth leagues and competitions only allow substitutions when the subbing team has control of an out-of-play ball, or when both teams with to substitute at the same time. For example, if the Blue team wants to sub, they can only do so when Blue has the throw-in, free kick, goal kick, corner kick, or penalty kick. In this case, the other team could not change goalkeepers because substitution wouldn't be allowed, unless the other team wants to make a substitution, then Blue would be allowed to make the change. Remember that, as with pretty much everything else in the game, the goalkeeper has a right to change positions, but only with the referee's permission.

How many players are there per side in volley ball?

there is 6 players on each time, 3 in the front, 1 sort of in the middle, and 2 in the back.

Why does Farquhar imagine the officer will order his men to fire at will rather than to fire a volley in unison?

Volley fire was intended to deliver massed effects against massed targets. Fire at will allowed the soldiers to fire at their own time, when they had their target in their sights.

Were women always allowed to play basketball?

yes by the time basket ball was invented women were allowed