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The Cardinals are the third oldest team in Baseball. 1882. This answer is in regard to the same business entity regardless of name change and relocation. The Braves are the oldest.

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Q: What is the third oldest team in Major League Baseball?
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What is the third oldest park in Major League Baseball?

For the 2009 season, that is Dodger Stadium which opened in 1962. Fenway Park is oldest, opening in 1912, and Wrigley Field is second oldest, opening in 1914.

Who is the best third base player in the Major League Baseball?

i would say a rod

What are the oldest Major League Baseball parks?

The oldest major league ball park is Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox who first played there in 1912. Next is Wrigley Field home of the Chicago Cubs. Their first game at Wrigley was in 1914. The third oldest park jumps ahead 50+ years to 1962 and the Los Angeles Dodgers' Dodger Stadium.

Can you run on the the third strike in Major League Baseball?

Only if the catcher doesn't catch it in the air.

How much does a Major League Baseball third base coach make?

100 Mill on average

Who is third all time in home runs in major league baseball?

willie mays was in the major team of he was listed to be the one to be in the 100 greatest baseball player

What is the third oldest religion?

The third oldest major contemporary religion is Christianity (before Jesus was born there was Hinduism and judaism)

What is the third oldest baseball stadium?

Dodger Stadium.

What does Major League Baseball do with the World Series Loser's T-shirts and Hats?

send them to third world countries

Who hit the third most home runs in Major League baseball?

Babe Ruth - 714 home runs

Who is third all the time in home runs in major league baseball?

Babe Ruth of course. After that Willy Mays.

How many feet from second base to third base in Major League Baseball?

The distance from second base to third base in MLB is 90 feet

Who is the third oldest premier league player?

It is most likely Ryan Giggs.

What are the 3 oldest baseball parks in baseball?

Fenway park (red Sox) and Wrigely field (cubs) are the two oldest, im not sure what the oldest is, but it would definitely be on the east coast, possibly Yankee stadium. to correct your question the third oldest baseball stadium would be bosse field in evansville IN. it's where a league of there own was filmed and was built in 1915

What religion is the oldest and third oldest?

Hinduism is the Oldest, and Zoroastrianism is the third oldest.

What is the distance from first base to third base on a major league baseball field?

127 feet 3 3/8 inches.

How many major league baseball team's home dugout is on the third base line?

There are 12 home dugouts on the 3rd base line.

What is one interesting fact about the religion Buddhism?

It is the third oldest of the six major religions.

When does the average baseball season start?

For Major League Baseball, spring training usually starts the third week of February and the regular season starts around April 1.

What is the average salary of a major league third base coach?


What is the distance from third base to first on a major league baseball field?

The distance between 1st base and 3rd base on a MLB field is 127'.

Who are the top 3 teams in salary in Major League Baseball?

On Opening Day 2010, that was the Yankees first, Red Sox second, and Cubs third.

Are there any third generation major league baseball players?

Yes. Jerry Hairston Jr, Mike Bell, Aaron Boone and Casey Coleman

Major League Baseball hightest pay player?

The highest payed player currently in the MLB is the New York Yankees Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez.

How far is it from third base to first base on an Major League Baseball field?

According to MLB Rule 1.04: "The distance between first base and third base is 127 feet, 3.38 inches."