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A standard Ice Hockey puck is one (1) inch thick.

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ml is the abbreviation for milliliter- which is a measure of volume. You are looking for mm which is millimeter, a measure of distance, length, etc.. And a hockey puck is 25mm thick.

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3 inches diameter, 6 oz

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Q: What is the thickness of a hockey puck in ml?
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The radius of a hockey puck is 1.5 inches. what is the area of the surface of the hockey puck?

The surface area also depends on the thickness of the puck.

If an official hockey puck is 2.54 centimeters thick what is the official thickness of a hockey puck in millimeters?

25.4 mm which is also equivalent to 1 in.

What sport uses a puck?

Ice Hockey,Roller hockey,Underwater Hockey,Table HockeyShuffleboardand a few others to refer to a primary playing device of cylindrical slice of thickness typically less than the radius of the cylinder.

How do you find out the volume of a hockey puck?

Get a good measuring jug and place 200 ml of water in it. Drop in the hocky puck and read the new level in the jug. the new level reading - 200 ml = the volume of the hocky puck in ml.

What is the name of the flat disc that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey?

The object of ice hockey is to propel the puck into your opponents' goal.The puck is a vulcanised rubber disc measuring 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness. To simplify, it is called a puck.

What game the puck is used?

a puck

What is the thing that you hit in hockey called?

A hockey puck

What is important about hockey?

THE PUCK, you play hockey to get the puck.

Why was the hockey puck invented?

The hockey puck was invented so hockey players had something to shoot into the goal.

What is a puck stopper in ice hockey?

A puck stopper is another name for a goaltender in hockey.

In which sport do you play with a puck?

The Game of Ice hockey is played with a Puck.

How much is a Kyle Okposo signed hockey hockey puck worth?

A Kyle Okpososinged hockey puck is worth 500$