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Q: What is the term for the seam on a football?
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How is a Cricket ball different from a Football?

Just size of the ball and cricket ball has a seam.

Seam to seam length in horizental vessel?

seam to seam

How many Number of stitches in hand made football?

If you are asking how many stitches are on the white laced seam of the American football, then the answer is eight.

What is a curved seam?

a curved seam is a seam that is curved

What to call the line where 2 pieces of material meet?

One possible term is the seam.

Mention three types of seam?

The three types of seam are Plain seam, French seam and Ancient or Old German flat seam.

What term is given to the border between the Central Alps and the Southern Limestone Alps?

Periadriatic Seam

What does the Football term pig in a poke mean?

What does the Football term pig in a poke mean?

What is an exposed seam?

a seam that is exposed

What is an enclosed seam?

An enclosed seam, or a French seam, is a seam that is sewn with the wrong sides of the fabric together. A second seam is usually sewn with the right sides together so that the first seam is enclosed.

How is football different from soccer?

In the English term, "football" means soccer. But The American term football is played with the hands And helmets on!

What is the homophone for seam?

Seem is the homophone for seam.

What are different routes called in football?

flag post corner post slant seam fade out dig pivot streak

What is an open seam?

An open seam is a general purpose seam. An open seam is two pieces of fabric sewn together, and then the seam allowances are pressed open, creating a flat and clean seam line on the right side of the fabric.

What is in the seam of shirts?

A seam is where two or more bits of cloth are overlapped. A seam consists of cloth.

What are the points which determine the choice of seam?

You need to explain what seam you mean? A seam of coal? A seam in a jacket?

What is seam pipe?

The pipe which is formed by seam welding.

What is double channel seam?

double channel seam

What are the different types of seam finishes?

pinking seam

What is flat sell seam?

flat seam is used for decorative purpose. Seam edges do not overlap but flatted together. Seam is constructed with a minimum of 3 fabrics.

What is a self enclosed seam?

A self-enclosed seam is a seam that does not result in a raw edge but a finished, enclosed seam. See related links for more details.

What six letter football term means to drop the football?


How do you sew an enclosed seam?

To sew a concealed seam first sew the seam with the right side out wards, (the opposite way to how you would normally sew a seam). Next trim off the edges of the seam quite close to the stitch line. Lastly, turn the garment inside out and re-sew the seam close to the first stitching, you have now enclosed the first seam with its raw edges inside the second seam.

What are the functions of a seam roll?

A seam roll is the name given to a roll of fabric that is used with an iron to press a seam flat.

What is the fabric between the seam line and the cut edge?

The fabric between the seam and the cut edge is referred to as the seam allowance.