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Q: What is the state of the Notre Dame college football team?
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What Division 1 College football teams have never played each other?

USC, Notre Dame, Washington, Michigan State and UCLA.

What state was the first to win back to back national championships in college football?

Notre Dame

Did knute rockne play college football at notre dame?

he went to the university of notre dame in south bend,IN.

Which state has best football players?

notre dame....

Did Regis Philbin play football for the University of Notre Dame?

No, Regis Philbin never played football for Notre Dame. He attended college there, but never played.

When was Notre Dame College created?

College Notre Dame was created in 1904.

What college football team had the highest GPA in 2011?

notre dame

Who was the best college football team during the 1920s?

Notre Dame

Which college team has had the most natinal campenships in football?

notre dame

What college football program travels with the most fans?

notre dame

What two college football teams played each other on September 22 1951?

Notre dame and penn state

What college football team play for megaphone?

The Michigan State Spartans and Notre Dame Fighting Irish play for a megaphone.