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10 feet from the hardwood floor to top of the rim.

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Q: What is the standard height of an NBA basketball goal?
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What is the standard height of basketball goal?

The Standard Height is 10 feet. However it was about 8 feet but was changed by the NBA.

What is the height of NBA basketball goal in inches?

10ft which is 120 inches

How high is NBA basketball goal?

A standard basketball ring is 10 feet away from the ground.

What is the official height of a girls basketball goal?

10 feet same as the NBA

How high is a basketball hoop from the ground?

The official NBA standard height of the rim is 10 feet.

Are there any plans to raise the standard height of an NBA basketball rim?

i don't think so because they have always had it at that height

What was the height of a NBA basketball hoop in 1961?

the height of the basketball hoop in nba in 1961 is 10 ft.

What is a good height to install basketball brackets?

The height you install a basketball bracket at depends on a number of factors. 1) Do you want to play using the official NBA height, or lower it so you can dunk, etc... 2) Does your hoop support that height?The official NBA height is a nice, standard height to use.

What is the height of an NBA basketball hoop?

== == The official height of an NBA basketball hoop is 10 feet from the floor to the rim.

What is the height of an NBA basketball hoop year 2011?

10 feet from the top of the goal to floor and must be perpendicular to the floor below.

What is the official height for a basketball stand?

The official height for an NBA basketball hoop/stand is 10 feet.

How much is the height of basketball board?

The regulation height for a NBA and NCAA basketball hoop is 10 feet.

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