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The stadium of Blackpool is called Bloomfield Road.

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Q: What is the stadium of blackpool called?
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What is Blackpool's Stadium called?

Bloomfield Road

What is the stadium of fulham called?

The stadium of Fulham is called Craven Cottage. It is located in Blackpool, Lancashire.

When was blackpool football stadium originally built?

Blackpool's stadium was originally built in 1877

When does Manchester United play blackpool?

Twice a season. once at the Manchester united stadium and once at the blackpool stadium.

Why is blackpool tower called blackpool tower?

Because it is located in the town of Blackpool.

Which premiership stadium has the lowest capacity?

Blackpool as of 2010/2011 - 12,000

What premier league team plays at Bloomfield stadium?

Blackpool play at Bloomfield Road.

What is the Olympics stadium called?

The Olimpics Stadium is called The Olimpic Stadium.

What is the patriots stadium called?

The Patriots Stadium is called the Gillette Stadium.

What is the stadium of arsenal called?

The stadium if Arsenal is called the Emirates Stadium.

What is arsenals new stadium called?

Arsenal FC's stadium is called the Emirates Stadium.

How many piers does Blackpool have?

Blackpool has 3 piers. They are called North pier, Central Pier and South pier.

What is the new Yankee Stadium called?

It is called Yankee Stadium.

What is the sea in Blackpool called?

hannah travis is period

Why is the Miami Dolphins stadium called the dolphins stadium?

It is presently called Sun Life Stadium.

What was the Etihad Stadium called before it was renamed?

Etihad Stadium is actually called City of Manchester Stadium. The stadium is called Etihad Stadium occasionally for sponsorship purposes for soccer games.

What is the penrith panthers football stadium called?

It was called Penrith Stadium. It is noe called Credit Union Australia Stadium.

What is the most popular hotel in blackpool?

The most popular hotel in Blackpool is called 'The Big Blue Hotel'it was founded in 2008

What is the stadium of wigan athletic called?

The stadium of the Wigan Athletic football club is called the DW Stadium.

What is juventus stadium called?

Juventus Stadium is called, believe it or not, Juventus Stadium. New stadium of the club since 2011 (41,000 seats).

Does Barney harwood have a brother?

Yes he is called Sam and is from Blackpool.

What is the New York Jets stadium called?

It is called 'Giants Stadium'.The Jets share the stadium with the NY Giants.

What is Bogota's stadium called?

It is called the Nemesio Camacho "El Campín" Stadium.

When was the second stadium called for the Cardinals?

The second stadium Name was Busch Stadium renamed from Sportsman's Park, the second stadium Building was called Busch Memorial Stadium. All 3 stadiums have been called Busch Stadium at some point.

What is Brazil football stadium called?

They do not have a stadium but their main stadium is the Estadio do Maracana.