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A industry in which people do sport and leisure. Or just leisure, because sport can be classed as leisure

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Q: What is the sports and leisure industry?
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What is commercialized leisure?

Commercialized leisure would be any leisure activity that is advertised such as professional sports, computer video games movies and the travel industry.

What is the significant elements in leisure industry?

What are the elements of leisure industry

Is leisure an adjective?

It's a noun, but it can be used as an adjective - the leisure industry.

What is the leisure industry?

an industry which runs lesuire centres etc

What is Pennsylvania's sports and leisure?

Pennsylvania's state sport is football,not one dang idea about the state leisure is,what is a leisure anyway?

What sports and leisure activities were in the colony of north Carolina?

The leisure activities in NC were farming, trading,etc

What has the author Byron Grainger-Jones written?

Byron Grainger-Jones has written: 'Managing leisure' -- subject(s): Leisure, Leisure industry, Management

Where can you get replica football trophies?

Premier Sports and Leisure (Brighton)

What are some example of leisure activities?

sports and physical activites

Where is marlow boxing club?

Marlow boxing club is in marlow pound lane sports leisure centre Marlow boxing club is in marlow pound lane sports leisure centre

What is inter relationship in travel and tourism?

Inter-relationships is where the public and private sector join together to make the leisure industry better than it is. These sectors can interrelate to meet the needs of the leisure industry.

Sports and leisure in Quebec city?

there is mercury burgers and piky mickes

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