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the sports called Motocross , either way if you race or not it still is

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Q: What is the sport where you have a dirt bike but dont race?
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What should you get ATV or dirt bike?

dirtbike, for sure. but dont get a crappy trail bike. get a good race bike, even if you dont race

Can a 100cc 4 - stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes?

No we can't use 100cc 4 -stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes.

Can you race a 65cc dirt bike at age13?


Where is the stator on a dirt bike?

usually on the right side on the engine, there is a kikstart. most dirtbikes dont have electric start. trail bikes do mostly but race bikes dont.

How do you change a dirt bike number?

You can not change a dirt bike's VIN number. You can change the racing number by contacting the race officials.

How old do you have to be to race a dirt bike?

4 years old you can race motox. (50cc class)

Can you ride a dirt bike around your neighborhood?

I have not actually ride on the dirt bike but seen the dirt bike race very closely because it held in my near by town, and yest it's really a full of excitement and adventure.

What is the best race bike?

no because the dirt bike racing is a competition so you will have to have another job to sustain your income

How do you overcome nervousness before a race?

Before race when your nervousness you can relax with playind race games like dirt bike games

Is a dirt bike faster than a trailbike?

yes. you mean is a race bike faster then a trail bike. ya all racebikes are faster

How much money does a dirt bike racer make at 1 race?

$500,000,000 it is crazy

Why is the letter f on a dirt bike?

The letter "f" on a dirt bike stands for fun. So not a race bike but very much the same. like the crf250f is the same as the crf250r. but then there is crf230f and the crf230L really different bikes