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Synchronised swimming, (arguably) diving and gymnastics.

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Q: What is the sport that women are better than men?
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Are men better at sport than women?

Generally yes....but it depends on the sport

What sport are women better at than men?

Statistically speaking volleyball.

Do women have better eyesight than men?

In general, women can see colors better than men, and men can see in the dark better than women.

Why are men so much better than women?

Men are not better or worse than women.

Do women have better dexterity than men?

According to scientific studies, women do have better dexterity than men do. This is because women have better sensory-motor coordination than men.

Is mauy Thai a woman's sport?

mauy thai is a man and women, although women intend to be better at mauy thai than men!

Do men think that they are better than women?

Most men are chauvinistic and therefore think that they are better than the women.

Are men better at sports than women?

absloutley. they are way better unless a sewing b is a competitive sport no. well, not all the time. there are some sports that a man is better at than a woman, but then again, i doubt that men could do some of the stuff us women do.

Do women float better than men?

Yes and no because women are lighter than most men but men can be lighter than women

Can men read smaller print than women and women hear better than men?

Hell yea you bet. Men are better at anything!

Are men better than women in computer science?

Yes men are better this is because men are naturally better at everything when compared to women

Why do men believe they are better at sports than women?

Because it is to be that men are stronger and harder than women. But really women can be better at sports. Men just think they are a stronger. Phebus20: They technically are stronger because they have more muscle and are built for sport better (because of the past and evolution). I'm a girl lol dnt think im bein sexist.

What is the difference between men and women?

Men are usually taller than woman also are usually (but not always) better at sport than woman as they usually have bigger muscles. Men and woman are just as clever as each other. Women have breasts and vaginas, while men have a penis. Women have babies.

Why do people think men are better at sports than women?

women can do everything men can do and they have stronger legs so women are better

Do men cope with dehydration better than women?

Yes, men cope better with dehydration as compared to women.

Do women like women better than men?


Would women be better drivers than men?

will yes women r much better drivers than men cause some men drive crazy

Do men control anger better than women?

No men are more short tempered and willful than women

Is the assumption that men or women are better than the other?

No! Men and Women should be treated the exact same, and one is not better than the other!

Are women are better parents than men?

They are certainly better female parents than men. On the other hand men are better male parents.

Why are women better achievers than men?

what,women are better achievers since when, from what I have experianced in my life they just take from men!

Men are better than women in rugby but in what way?

Men are not better than women, nor are women better than men. They are different and cannot be accurately compared. While women are pound-for-pound stronger than men, men are usually bigger, and therefore will be stronger, which of course is a desirable trait in rugby. Having said this, women's rugby is considered by some to be a purer form of the sport, owing to the fact that they tend not to rely on brute force (although there are undoubtedly some female players capable of doing this) and instead rely on skill.

Why are men better than women in soccer?

Not all men are better than women in soccer. But for most teams that is true. That is true because men are faster and more aggresive.

Do women have better aim than men?

Nope, quite the opposite. Men generally have better aim than women. This is why back in days of yore, the men would do the hunting. For some strange reason, women have more trouble aiming than men.

What ideas would not be appropriate for an essay comparing men with women?

Women are better than men