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Speed can't be measured in seconds.

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Q: What is the speed in seconds for kicking a soccer ball?
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How do you say kicking a soccer ball in spanish?

Kicking a soccer ball in Spanish

What is the technique for kicking a soccer ball at high speed?

keep your toes tucked in.

What is the average speed of the soccer ball?

69 Seconds

What is the force of a foot kicking a soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

kicking of ball is which force

What are the bones that are involved when kicking a soccer ball?

Movements of the Hip Joint When Kicking a Soccer Ball

How far will a soccer ball travel in 2 seconds?

Depends on the speed the ball travels.

How is math used in soccer?

well i think that maths is used in soccer because of the trajectory of the ball and the speed the ball is going at the same time you think about the angle of the that you are kicking

How do you dribble a soccer ball?

by kicking the ball side to side

What bones are used when kicking a soccer ball and why?

Your tarsals and metatarsals are used when kicking a ball because they are in your foot

What muscles are used when kicking a soccer ball?

The calf

At what speed does a foot kick a soccer ball?

Such questions do not have a simple numerical answer. It depends on the weight of the ball, the weight and acceleration of the foot kicking the ball and any friction involved.

Is kicking a football like kicking a soccer ball?

A soccer ball is round, but it is very similar. You can kick a football the same way you kick a soccer ball, but you might end up having the football go lopsided.

What transfers energy of motion a. turning on atelevision b. lighting a candle c. burning wood d. kicking a soccer ball?

The answer is d ... kicking the soccer ball

What are the energy transfers in kicking a soccer ball?

Heat energy

An example of newtons first law?

kicking a soccer ball

What is passing in soccer?

Kicking the ball from one player to another.

What simple machine is kicking a soccer ball?

It is a wheel and axle

Part of body used when kicking ball in soccer?


What is soccer mainly about?

It is about kicking the ball and trying to score in the goal.

Are the forces of kicking a soccer ball balanced or unbalanced?


What is an example of an offensive action?

Kicking a soccer ball into the goal

What is kinetic energy in soccer?

Anything from a person's legs kicking the ground to run, or kicking a ball.

If a soccer ball is hit at 21 miles per hour then what is the balls speed in meters per seconds?

The ball's speed is 9.4 meters per second.

Why you need balance for soccer?

Soccer involves a lot of running and running at speed with a moving ball. Naturally to control the ball in motion requires some balance. Also kicking and shooting the ball and giving it direction requires balance.

What Joints are being used when kicking a soccer ball?

Ball and socket, hinge, gliding.