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There is no translation for Jordan in Spanish.

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The name Jordan is spelled the same way in Spanish as it is in English. The only difference is, the Spanish spelling has an accent mark over the letter 'a.'

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Q: What is the spanish name for Jordan?
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What does Jordan mean in Spanish?

it means Jordan a name

How do you say the word Jordan in Spanish?

The word Jordan is spelled the same way, but the "j" is pronounced like an "h" and the accent is on the second syllable (hor-DAN). In terms of the Spanish version of the English given name "Jordan", the Spanish is "Jordán". In terms of Spanish name for the Middle Eastern country called Jordan in English, the Spanish is "Jordania".

What is the Spanish word for Jordan?

its still Jordan, because its a name. Might pronounce it "hordan" if you felt inclined to take it that far.

What is i love you Jordan in spanish?

te quiero jordan.

How do you say hi my name is Jordan in Spanish?

Hola! Me llama Troy. The "ll" is pronounced like the letter "y".

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Jordan comes from the name of the Jordan River, which flows between Jordan and Israel.

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