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Lucille by Little Richard

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Q: What is the song that is playing when JJ walks in on Effy in Skins?
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What is the song that Effy from skins listens to naked in her bed?

Little Richard - Lucille

What song is playing when radon walks on the field?


In the new series of skins what is the song playing while Cook is pouring the drugs into the toilet?

why am l not dying yet

In skins season 2 the episode titled Sketch they all go to a costume party and originally there was a song by LCD soundsystem playing there but on the DVD the song is different What is that song?

The song is 'north american scum' by LCD Soundsystem.

In the Skins episode Katie and Emily what is the name of the song that is playing while Emily and Katie are trying on dresses?

It's called Alcohol by the Millionaires.

What is the song played when Cassie walks her fingers along a hand rail at school in skins season 1 episode 2?

“Aht Uh Mu Hed” by Shuggie Otis

What song is playing in the movie That's My Boy when the teacher walks down the hallway?

thats a stupid question

What song is playing when Jessa walks into the bar on Episode 2 of HBO's Girls?

Its "with a girl like you" by the Troggs

What is the country song that is playing in the background in 'Ace Ventura - Pet Detective' when he walks in to the backwoods bar?

What is the name of the song that was playing when Ace Ventura walk into the bar on Ace venture pet dectictive

What is the name of the song on the skins commercial?

Akira - pinball?

What was the french song last night on skins?

the song is called Dominique by Soeur Sourier

What is the r and b song only instrumental is playing during the end of the kitchen scene on Skins US episode 3?

let's go surfing by the drums :D