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Australia chase the lowest score against Pakistan

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2009-08-18 05:31:02
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Q: What is the smallest run chase in a second innings in test cricket?
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What is the biggest run chase in a second innings in test cricket?

Team West Indies Chased Score 418/7 Overs 128.5 Innings 4 Result won Opposition v Australia Ground St John's Start Date 9 May 2003

What is test match?

A test match is a form of cricket match where two national representative teams play continuously for 5 days. There are 90 overs in every day with 6 bowls per over. Each team can play a maximum of 2 full innings. Many test matches end in a draw when both teams come up with huge scores in their first innings. Victory is decided if one team can chase the total runs made by one team in their 2 innings or if the team can restrict and bowl out the other team after their allotted 2 innings before they can chase down their total.

What is the highest ever second innings run chase test score at the oval?

298, England vs Pakistan, The Oval, 17/8/2006, England won by 1 wicket

How does a innings in test cricket end?

There are typically five ways a cricket innings can end.All out - If a team on strike loses ten of its eleven batsmen (usually due to them being dismissed or "bowled out," but injuries can also stop batsmen), preventing it from presenting a proper batting partnership on the cricket pitch, the team is declared "all out" and its innings is ended.Limited overs - In a one-innings cricket match, there will be a declared limit to the number of overs each team can bowl. Once that limit has been reached, the innings is closed.Won by wickets - If a team is last to bat, their goal is to "chase" runs and overtake the other team's total. Like in baseball, the moment they have overtaken the other team's total, the innings and match is ended, and the chasing team is declared to have won the match by however many wickets they still possess.Declaration - In First Class and Test cricket, time becomes an important consideration. If a team's captain feels that they have established a lead they can fully defend against the other team, he will "declare" his team's innings closed and give his team more time to bowl the other team out and conclude the match.Draw - This is what happens when time runs out in a First Class or Test match. If the end of the final day is reached without the match coming to a conclusion, then the innings and match are ended there and the match is declared a draw, with neither team given a win.

How many overs does a one day international cricket match have?

A maximum of 100 overs, 50 per team.Provided bad weather does not cause officials to shorten the game and the team is not bowled out early, each team plays a single innings for a maximum of 50 overs. The first team establish a chase target, then the second team must overtake within the limit of their 50 overs.

Which team recorded the highest successful run chase in the ICC Cricket World Cup?


Is there going to be a second season of chase?


Who is the second basemen for the phillies?

chase utley is!

Witch team has the highest run chase in test cricket?

Which country caused a major upset in the cricket world cup by beating England?

Ireland won England at 2011 World Cup league at Bangalore. It is the biggest history record of ICC world cup because Ireland chased for 329n runs is the highest successful chase in ICC world cup cricket ever. In 1969 Ireland Beat West Indies. in first innings WI Fall down for 25/10 in test match. But it was not under ICC match.

How do you sign up for Chase Rewards?

You can sign up for Chase Rewards two ways, the first option is applying online by filling out an application on Chase's official website. The second option is visiting a local Chase.

How old is Chase Utley?

MLB second baseman Chase Utley is 39 years old (birthdate: December 17, 1978).

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