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The jack

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Q: What is the small white ball used you lawn bowls called?
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What is the small white ball used in Bowls called?

it is called Jack

The small white target ball used in lawn bowls is called a what?


Why is the white ball in bowls called a jack?

Its because the guy who invented Bowls is called Jack White.

What is the white ball in the game of bowls called?


Is a jack used in lawn bowls?

yes, it is the white small ball. Without it, you couldnt play.

What is bowls?

bowls is a game using one small ball and other larger balls. The aim is to throw the larger balls as close as possible to the small ball.

What is it called when a bowler bowls a ball?


Why is it called baseball?

Because they have 4 bases and 1 small little white ball :)

What is the digestion small ball called?

small ball

What is the name of white ball in snooker?

The white ball in Snooker is called the "Cue Ball".

Which will warm up quickest a large black ball or a small black ball AND Which one will heat up quicker a small white ball or a large white ball?

lol this is my homework too.... A small black ball would warm up the quickest and the small white ball would heat up quicker.

What is the white ball called in game of billiards?

The cue ball. Or just the white ball.

Why do they spray the bowls in bowls?

means its the winning ball.

What is the name of the big white ball in The Prisoner TV series?

The big white ball was called 'Rover'.

What are lawn bowls ball made of?


What is a target ball in game of bowls?


What is the small bean ball that you kick with your feet?

The small bean ball that you kick with your feet is called a hacky sack.

What is a white ball python called?

A white ball python could be any of the white pythons. Those are the Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python, Ivory Ball Python, Hypo Ivory Ball Python and the Piebald Ball Python.

What is the indentations on a golf ball called?

The small indentations are called dimples.

What are the small indentations on a golf ball called?

dimples ...

What is a small prison cell called?

Ball cell

What is sidescreen in cricket?

It is actually a "Sight Screen", A big white (when the ball is red) screen put up on the boundary behind where the bowler bowls. If it is an ODI or T20 and they are playing with a white ball then the sight screen will be black. It is so the batsman can clearly see the ball when it is bowled

How many bowls did tcu football win?

Tcu foot ball has won 8 bowls!

What is a lacrosse ball called?

It is called a lacrosse ball. :) Girls play with yellow ones and boys play with white ones

What do you call a game played with a small white ball?

Golf and ping pong