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Helmets, like all types of clothing, are available in different sizes.

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Q: What is the size of a bmx helmet?
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Can you use a mx helmet for bmx?

Yes you can use a motor cross helmet for bmx riding i actually recommend it but that's my opinion

Can a bmx helmet be used to skateboard?


Can you stick stickers on a bmx helmet?

If you like.

Where can BMX helmets be purchased from?

You can purchase a BMX bike helmet from any retail bike shop, online or a store like Walmart . You can also look on ebay or craigslist for a BMX helmet

Can you use a snowboard helmet as a bmx helmet?

Kinda-sorta. A snowboard helmet will offer decent protection, but will most likely be warmer than a bike helmet.

What do you need to be a bmx biker?

Basically you need a BMX and somewhere to ride it. Helmet, maybe some pads and gloves would also be nice.

Can you wear Skullcandy headphones over a helmet?

No, and why would you ask? And maybe you could if it was a old leather helmet. But given you're talking about Skullcandy I assume a standard Skateboarding helmet or BMX helmet or perhaps even snowboarding helmet.

What is the best size of bmx bike for 18 year old?

Bmx's don't come in sizes. They are all one size.

What is the best size bmx for a 10 yr old boy?

Depends on what size he is i would say a 20 inch bmx bike.

What is the size of a helmet jellyfish?

Helmet jellyfish reach a body size of 12 inches (30 centimeters).

In freestyle bmx riding what size bike is used by the pros?

Pretty much all BMX bikes are the same size - 20 inch wheels.

What is the most common size for a bmx front wheel hub?

The most common size is 20 inch fir a bmx front wheel. 3/16 inch bearings are the most popular on bmx bikes.

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