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about as big as they always was

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Q: How big is an big wheel 85cc motocross bike?
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What is the best race bike for a 12 year old?

Depending on the length of his/her inner leg is depending what size bike he/she can fit on but the majority of 12 year olds ride a 85 (small wheel or big wheel depending on the length of the riders inner leg)

Can a motocross bike be too big for you?

Yes, both in physical size and hp.

Is 5ft 7'' to big for a kx 85 big wheel?

You would fit, but if you're still growing, I'd recommend a bigger bike such as a 125cc. If you're stuck on two stroke bikes (like me) then you should buy a used 85cc because you will grow and need to switch to a 250cc in about a year.

What is the front wheel of a penny farthing bike?

The big wheel is the front.

Can you put big wheels on a small wheel motocross bike?

yeah you can BUT your going to have to buy a new swing-arm new wheels+tyres new sprocket and a new rear brake line. hope this has helped.

Can a 16 year old race Motocross on an 85 Big Wheel?

Depends on height and weight.

How big do dirt bikes get?

For professional motocross, the biggest bike that is allowed to be raced is a 450 four-stroke. For local race purposes there is a Vet class that allows any size bike to be raced (usually up to 525 since that's the biggest motocross bike that KTM makes).

What was the bike with the small wheel in the front and the big wheel in the back?

the penny farthing

Why can't a cr85 expert race in the 85cc class?

The CR85R expert cannot race in the regular 85cc class in the AMA. A cr85r expert can race in any desert race in the 85 class, including AMA. In motocross its a different story, it depends on what the rules of the track are. Most of the they have a special class for the 85 experts but the problem is that they line you up with the 125 two strokes, and a 125 two stroke is compared to a 250 four stroke so your racing with the big bikes. Hope I Helped, KEEP RIDING!!!!!!

How motocross evolved into a big sport?

Motocross is a big sport?

Is 85cc big enough for a 14 year old?

i have a ktm 85sx and a kx 85 small wheel. i am a midgit but i can ride them. i am twelve. this should help. a kx 85 big wheel is an awesome bike. although if he or she is small it will be too big. a ktm big wheel is expensive but is worth it. it is still quiet big. these are some seat heights kx 85 = 840mm ktm 85 sx = 850mm rm 85L = 850mm cr 85 = 860mm yz 85 = 840mm but all these are ajustable my bros 14 and he rides a ktm 85sx big wheel. he is 170cm tall.

Where on the bike is a wheel and axle?

The wheels are the big round things on which the bike moves and the axles are at the center of the wheels, attaching them to the bike.