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The word Olympics comes from the name Mount Olympus where the 'Greek' Gods live,

and Greek gods come from Greek Mythology.

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No, sorry, the word Olympics comes from Greek city Olympia where the most important competitions were held in antiquity.

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Q: What is the similarities between the Olympics and Greek Mythology?
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Why is that there are so many similarities between greek and roman mythological figures?

The Romans adopted Greek mythology.

Why is that there are so many similarities between greek roman mythological figures?

The Romans adopted Greek mythology.

Did Greek mythology have sports?

Yes they started the Olympics

Why are there so many similarities between Greek and Roman mythology?

Romans adopted Greek mythology (as well as other gods and goddesses from other people who joined the Empire or lost to their might) when they conquered the Greek people.

What were the similarities between Greek and Roman Mythology in 495-405 BC?

the Romans adopted the greek gods, so it was very similar, they just gave them new names.

What are some similarities between gods and mortals in Greek Mythology?

they all have human characteristics like anger and love. they also have a social life. or most of them do.

What is Named after a mount which is home of the gods in greek mythology?

Mount Olympus is the home of the Greek gods. Maybe the Olympics?

What is the footrace in Greek mythology?

The footrace in mythology was an annual event called the Olympics. In which the gods of Mt. Olympus were honored with sports and races.

How does einsteinium relate to mythology?

Any link between einsteinium and the Greek mythology.

What is the link between Greek mythology and the present?

In the present, you can find books or films based upon Greek Mythology.

What are the similarities between Ra and Helios?

The similarities are they are both sun gods they both have some sort of transportation:Ra a boat Helios a chariot.the difference between them is that Ra in his own mythology is that he is the King of the gods adn also is the god of creation while in Greek mythology helios was nothing moe than a sun god

What is the difference between Greek mythology and historical fiction?

Greek mythology is the religion of the ancient Greek people. Historical fiction is composed by a writer.

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