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You use a stick to hit a ball into the goal.

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Q: What is the similar between horse polo and field hockey?
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What is the different between horse polo and field hockey?

Apart from the fact that you use a stick to hit a ball into a goal, everything.

What are the different sports?

A couple sports are... * basketball * baseball * ice hockey * field hockey * swimming * ice skating * track(racing) * horse racing * soccer * volleyball

What breed of horse is called Hinny?

Cross between a male horse and female donkey. Similar to a mule, which is between a female horse and a male donkey.

The development of professional sport between 1850 and 1900?

football, cricket, hockey, horse riding

What are sports played without a ball?

Lots of sports- like wrestling,hockey, horse riding, swimming, track and field, and gymnastics.

What traditional sports are played in Malaysia?

Many common sports, such as baseball, basketball, chess, football, field hockey, golf, horse racing, etc.

What is similar as a horse?

A pony is similar to a horse as is a donkey,ass or mule.

Which sport was earlier known as ''hockey on the horse back''?

Polo was originally called hockey on horseback

What 3 sports can't be played left handed?

Pretty sure most can be But maybe things like horse racing? x

What is the difference between a horse and dog scapula?

The bones are very similar, although a horse's scapula is much larger than most dog scapulas.

What is the difference between Horse life 2 and Horse life adventures?

There is no differnece at all. All of the breeds of horses and trails are exactly similar and nothing has changed.

Description of a horse?

A horse is a four-legged land mammal that is a herbivore. They can be domesticated so that people can ride them. If you own a horse it can either be stable-kept or field-kept. Stable-kept is where you put a horse in a stable/stall for most of the day, taking some time in a field to graze, whereas a field-kept horse is a horse who lives in a field all of the time.

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