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Skate shoes have a wider base than regular shoes to help you grip the grip tape better. Some skate shoes are reinforced in spots are are likely to get worn down as you're skating.

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Q: What is the significance of skate shoes?
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Vans Skate shoes or vans slip on which should i get?

i once got slip ons and never used them as skate shoes and then got skate shoes and used them as skate shoes alot

Are vans shoes skate shoes?


How can you tell how old a pair of Vans skate shoes are?

vans are the best skate shoes

Are skate shoes the same as basketball shoes?


Where can I get skate shoes from?

You can go get some skate shoes from the skate warehouse. They sell a lot of brands that are popular, and are also sleek and cool. You are going to like them.

What are good cheap skate shoes?

Adida skateboarding shoes

Which retailers sell Emerica skate shoes?

The full line of Emerica skate shoes, apparel and accessories are available on Emerica's own website. In addition, they can be purchased at Tactics Board Shop, CCS, and Buy Skate Shoes.

Is there an online repair store for skate shoes?

There are a lot of good sites for Skate Shoes. One that I prefer is they have a lot to choose from in many different sizes. They also have many other things besides Skate Shoes.

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A brand of shoe which starts with the letter 'p'?

Powell - They make skate shoes. Powell - They make skate shoes.

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they can be skate boarding shoes or they can be just normal shoes to wear

What is the most famous skate shoe brand?

The most popular brand skate shoes is Vans. The company was founded in 1966 and now produces clothing and accessories in addition to skate shoes.