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Q: What is the sign for the red sign on jerseys of premier league teams in the chest?
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Teams are there in UK premier league?

English Premier League - currently 20 teams (was 22 in its first few seasons). Scottish Premier League - 12 teams (was 10 teams for about 25 years).

Who is the team with red and white stripes in the UK premier league?

Its all about opinions. I want you to google international soccer teams jerseys or buy fifa 2010 and browse through different teams jerseys. I like argentina's apperall the best.;)

What is the teams in the Swedish premier league?

there good teams

How many times has the premier league teams won the premier league?

Every time

How many teams there are in the premier league?

There are currently 20 teams in the Premier League. The League originally had 22 teams when it was formed in 1992, but this was dropped to 20 in 1995.

How many teams go up to premiere league?

2 teams from the championship League go up to the Premier League at the end of the season. Their places in the Championship League go to 3 teams from the Premier League.

How many regions in English premier league?

It is not divided into regions. There is one Premier League, with 20 teams. Teams from England and Wales play in it.

How many premier league teams are there?


Number of teams in Barclays premier league?


Are there US teams in the Barclay's Premier League?

No. Only teams from England and Wales.

How many teams in premiership?

there is 21 teams in the premier league if not there is either 22,21or20

How many welsh teams are there in the premier league?

There are 18 clubs, and 12 teams.