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there is 21 teams in the premier league if not there is either 22,21or20

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Q: How many teams in premiership?
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How many teams in the premiership?

There are 20 teams in total in the premiership. Outside of England, the premiership is known as the English Premier League.

How many soccer teams is in the premiership?


How many teams have layed in the premiership and who are they?


How many Northwest teams are in the premiership?

just sunderland

How many teams have had 1 season in premiership?


How many football teams in the Premiership league?

In Premier League are 20 teams.

How many teams are in the English premiership?

There are 20 teams in the English football premiership. Strictly speaking, it's called the "Premier League" now.

How many football teams have played in the English premiership?


How many premiership teams are relegated each year?

3 teams relegated each season.

What is the meaning of premiership football game?

The Premiership is the top league in England. It is considered by many to be the best league in the world. The Premiership consists of 20 teams.

How many Premiership football teams has Andy Cole played for in his career?


Which premiership football player has played for the most premiership teams?

Andrew cole

How many teams have won the premiership in England?

There are 5 teams Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea., Blackburn Rovers.

How many premiership teams start with the letter w?

2, Wigan, west brom

How many premiership teams are from London?

spurs,west ham,arsenal,fulham and Chelsea

Who are the Best 3 teams in the history of the premiership?

Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal are the best 3 teams in the history of the Premiership. These teams combine for 18 of the last 19 championships.

How many Premiership football teams has Nicolas Anelka played for in his career?

Nicolas Anelka has played for 5 Premiership football teams, these being Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, and currently Chelsea.

What player have played for two separate teams and won the premiership with thoes teams?

Henning Berg has won the Premiership with Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United.

What teams have won the premiership?

Liverpol and man u

What teams are new in premiership?

It is Newcastle United and Blackpool.

How many football teams are there in the Premiership?

20 teams in the premiership.Twenty. Three are relegated each season, and replaced by three from the Football League Championship.

Which premiership player has played for three premiership teams and only scored only two goals?


Why do people use premiership table?

The Barclays Premiership Table relates to the English Football League. It is commonly used by many people to to follow their teams progress in this league.

How many premiership football teams are there in London?

5 (Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Tottenham, West Ham)

How many times has all the 20 teams in the premiership scored in a particular round of matches?

two times