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Q: What is the ship mean in Manchester United football logo stand for?
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What does the Manchester United FC football logo stand for?


What does the devil in Manchester United football logo stand for?

Manchester United's nickname is the 'Red Devils' hence the devil present in the logo.

Is it legal to sell merchandise with Manchester united logo?


What is the meaning of the Manchester united logo AON?

aliens of Newcastle

What does the United Nations stand for?

what does the united nation logo stands for

What is a good Manchester United gift?

Every gift, as long as it has the Manchester United logo, is brilliant. It is better than any other gift you could possibly give because Manchester United are the best club in the world.

What does the Reform Party logo stand for?

The US flag in the logo of the party reflects the motto of its founder, Ross Perot: "United We Stand America."

Why is there a ship in the Manchester united and Manchester city's logo?

These are symbols of the Manchester ship canal, connecting Manchester with the River Mersey and eventually the Irish Sea, constructed to transport textiles from the industrial heartlands of Manchester and other nearby Lancashire towns.

Can you use a company logo like the Ferrari logo or the Manchester United Logo for commercial use if I photgraphed the image then used my own photograph?

Not For Commercial Purposes. You Can Use that photograph for your wallpaper, ect.

UMC what does the UMC logo of the Methodist church stand for?

The United Methodist Logo stands for the heart warming experience which is a unique Wesleyan teaching. The two tongues of flames stand for the two church or tradition in the United States in 1968 that united themselves to become the United Methodist Church today.

What football team has a sailing ship steering wheel logo?

Hartlepool United, Na Na Nii!

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