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The same player serves for all of each game and they swap on a rotation basis until the end.

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Q: What is the sequence of who serves in tennis after the first serve?
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What are the four types of serves in tennis?

There are four types of serves in tennis: The Flat Serve, The Slice Serve, The Kick Serve, and the American Twist.

Who serves after the first set in tennis?

Whoever didn't serve in the last game of the first set serves in the first game of the second set.

Is there a second serve in ping pong?

yes you get two serves in table tennis and tennis

When tennis score is 6-6 who serves first.?

The person who returned in the 6-5 game will serve first in the tie-break.

What is rally in tennis?

A rally in tennis is a sequence of shots within a point.A rally starts with serve and return of the serve, and a sequence of shots until the point is won by one of the players.

How come sometimes the tennis player gets to serve three erroneous serves and not double faulted?

If the server serves the ball and hits the top of the net, but the ball bounces over into the serve box, that is called a let. If that was their first serve, then they still have two tries left.

Does the same person serve the entire tennis game?

no at the end of the game you serve, then at the end of your service game, your opponent serves, then you serve, the she/he etc

When do you get a second serve in table tennis?

When the first serve is a let.

Why do you get two serves in tennis?

because you get a second serve if you mess it up and if you mess up both serves the other opponent gets the point

What is the first stroke of tennis called?

a serve

What us the system of service in table tennis?

Switch every 2 serves. In deuce, switch every serve.

Is there re-serves in table tennis?

No. As soon as the server deliberately throws the ball up to serve, the ball is in play.

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