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Q: What is the second longest st Louis cardinal baseball game?
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Who had the longest career as a St. Louis cardinal?

stan musial

What is the second longest baseball game?

St. Louis Cardinals vs. the New York Mets, 1974

What is the major league baseball team for St. Louis?

The St. Louis Cardinal's.

1982 St. Louis Cardinal second basemen?

Tom Herr

Who were all the Saint Louis cardinal second basemen in history?

who were the last 20 second basemen for the cardinals

What was the St. Louis cardinal second baseman prior to Tommy herr?

Mike Tyson.

What St. Louis cardinal baseball players have worn number 1?

Ozzie Smith

Who is the second highest winner of the World Series?

The St. Louis Cardinal have the second most World Series titles with 10.

What two cardinal advised Louis XIII and Louis XIV of France?

First Minister Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin.

Who was the cardinal of Louis XIV?

Cardinal Mazarin was Louis XIV's cardinal and governed France until he died (Louis XIV was 23 years old when Mazarin died).

Who has won the second most World Series titles?

The St. Louis Cardinal won the second most world Series titles with 10.

How do you find previous years St. Louis Cardinal baseball schedules?

You could go to or