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Ozzie Smith

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Q: What St. Louis cardinal baseball players have worn number 1?
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Which St. Louis cardinal players have worn number 22?

Bob Gibson

Which players have worn number 70 for St. Louis Cardinals?

No players have worn number 70 for the St. Louis BASEBALL Cardinals.

What 1950's St. Louis Cardinal baseball players had two word nicknames and what are they?

Vinegar Bend Mizell Stan the Man

What is the major league baseball team for St. Louis?

The St. Louis Cardinal's.

What is the mascot for the Saint Louis baseball team?

fredbird and a cardinal

What famous baseball players wore number 6?

Stan Musial ST Louis Cardinals

Who are the best St. Louis cardinal players this year?

Undoubtly Albert Pujols, who may be the best player in the league.

Who wears number 38 for St. Louis cardinal?

Currently, Mark Hamilton

Who was the cardinal of Louis XIV?

Cardinal Mazarin was Louis XIV's cardinal and governed France until he died (Louis XIV was 23 years old when Mazarin died).

What players have worn the number 14 for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Ken Boyer was the only person that wore number 14 on the St.Cardinals baseball team

How do you find previous years St. Louis Cardinal baseball schedules?

You could go to or

Which professional baseball team won the 2006 world series?

St. Louis Cardinal's of the national league

What St. Louis Cardinal player wore?

As far as we know, no St. Louis Cardinal player ever wore a "?".

What is Louis-Albert Cardinal Vachon's birthday?

Louis-Albert Cardinal Vachon was born on February 4, 1912.

When was Louis-Albert Cardinal Vachon born?

Louis-Albert Cardinal Vachon was born on February 4, 1912.

What two Cardinals advised Louis XIII and Louis XIV of France?

First Minister Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin.

Who was on the 1964 St. Louis Cardinal baseball team roster?

Link to complete roster for the 1964 Cardinals below

What is the most popular animal in MO?

It is a cardinal! They are huge fans of baseball! And their team name is the st. Louis cardinals!

Who was Louis xiii' advisor?

Cardinal Richelieu

Who is cardinal Richelieu's monarch?

Louis the XIV

When will the 2013 St. Louis Cardinal baseball schedule be available?

It actually is already available. I believe they have it up somewhere on

Which players have worn number 11 for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Jose Oquendo

What did the St. Louis cardinal football team used to be?

St. Louis Rams

Cardinal richelieu is known for serving under Louis III?

no Louis the 13

How did the St. Louis Cardinal get their name?

Early team uniforms were red, as are male cardinal birds.